Who Holds The Largest Gold Reserves?

In Gold on 08/09/2011 at 8:06 am

United States – 8,133.5 metric tons

Germany – 3,401.0

International Monetary Fund (IMF) – 2,846.7

Italy – 2,451.8

France – 2,435.4

China – 1,054.1

Switzerland – 1,040.1

Russia – 775.2

Japan – 765.2

Netherlands – 615.5

The Italians and French can issue bonds backed by gold if investors are unhappy with their finances.

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  1. Just for curiousity sake what is the amount of reserves in Gold does Singapore have.

  2. According to the highly reliable unerring source, wikipedia, Singapore has 127.4 metric tonnes of gold, ranked 27th, and that is 2.5% of our forex reserves. Very little IMHO.

    That said, one should note that the world’s largest gold producer is China, and could possibly have the largest reserves of undiscovered deposits, or maybe discovered but they are not telling anybody about it… which explains why China is only minimally interested in building their gold bullion reserve.

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