MoE analogy abt PA

In Political governance on 13/09/2011 at 6:42 am

“It’s like having the Ministry of Education, the civil servants are impartial and neutral but the Minister is a Government Minister,” said the PM when trying to explain that the People’s Association was part of the government, like the MoE, and not the PAP.

The problem with this analogy is that the MoE doesn’t have embedded within its structure of administrators and teachers, PAP MPs, defeated PAP MPs and candidates and possible MP candidates; and whose ranks cannot contain non-PAP MPs. On this ground alone the analogy fails.

The analogy only works if the PA only appoints civil servants to be grassroot leaders, to explain and promote government policies. Do PAP MPs, defeated MPs and candidates, and potential MP candidates, get invited to attend school and MoE functions as a matter of routine, while Opposition MPs are not invited as per standard operating procedures? I think not.

The PM should give give several tight slaps to whoever suggested that he use this analogy. Any chance it was Tin Pei  Ling, via her hubby yr PPS? Sounds like her.

  1. One just have to look at Mr Wong Kan Seng. After being removed from his HomeSecurity role, PM can “reinvent” a new economic advisory role for him as conduit to China. Since our PM Lee didn’t start on a good foot with China years ago and the current FM is an Indian that doesn’t communicate chinese. Now we just have to wait and see what kinds of roles Raymond Lim, Mah Bow Tan etc might get too. That’s what PAP means by “reinvention” = “recycling”. The old normal is the new normal analogy. What else you expect?

  2. LHL/PAP still does not get it. The day of reckoning will surely arrive for these people. It is fast approaching…

  3. gee by mentioning it sound like TPL’s ideas, seems you know her thoughts quite well.

  4. Confirmed phailed example…

    Our education minister is officially voted into office and then appointed to head the ministry…

    But a defeated MP is not part of the government!

    So on what grounds are these defeated MPs appointed then?

  5. Not to be pedantic, but yes, PAP, ex-PAP and defeated MP routinely gets invited to school functions. But not opposition MP or defeated opposition MP. Don’t believe me? Go ask around. The culture of fear is still strong even today, who’s gonna ‘jeopardize’ their ‘career’ by inviting the opposition to school functions?

  6. @Kain – you’re spot on. Apparently TP are in a quandry now. They used to have georgie and co over as GOH for their functions all the time. Now they’ll have to invite MOE political heads – no wonder MOE now has a SPS in addition to Min and MOS, spread the load around.

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