Who is the Opposition Kingmaker?

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Following this year’s two elections, I could reasonably argue that the core PAP vote (any donkey even if it is Tin Pei Ling, so long as it is a PAP donkey) is 35%, the core anti-PAP vote is 30% (any ass even an SDA ass, so long as it is an anti-PAP ass) and the remaining 35% are the Animal Farm sheep aka the swinger voters. 

(I’ve not used the term  “Opposition” because all the Opposition parties define themselves as being anti-PAP or its values.)

Given that the WP has five MPs and two NCMPS (while no other Opposition party has an MP, and the SPP has the only other NCMP) , one would think that the WP best presents the angry S’porean voter. I think not.

The WP has done well because it can attract enough swing voters with its moderation (or waffliness or BS, if I wanted to be unkind) while relying on the 30% of voters who are angry with the PAP. It does not have to appeal to these voters because the Opposition parties try to avoid three-way contests in the belief that such contests only benefit the PAP.

True, the PAP benefits most in such contests, But the WP benefits most among the Opposition parties in two-way fights. Its discipline, moderation and willingness to walk the ground between general elections, plays well to the sheep of Animal Farm.

The biggest loser is the SDP, the natural home of these angry voters. SDP supporters in areas not contested by the SDP, have no choice but to vote WP, SPP, NSP, and SDA and RP; or spoil their votes.

Think I exaggerate? I’ve been told by a usually reliable source that in the Aljunied GRC, Tan Jee Say polled a decent close second to Tony Tan. Tan Cheng Bock was nowhere. And look at the TJS rally, and even the booing of TT on Nomination Day. These bear the hallmarks of SDP activism; in the latter the Dark Side of SDP activism, not the mainstream SDP.

And remember Tan Kin Lian, who lost his deposit? He and his adviser, Goh Meng Seng, thought they had the angry vote stitched up, allowing them to focus on the swing vote. Then TJS got his COE and performed well in the presidential election. TKL could only get angry publicly with TJS.

True, TJS was not endorsed by the SDP but he had the active help of many of its activists, though the MSM and bloggers focused on the endorsement he got from Nicole Seah, the super celebrity. Incidentally, I was told that in Marine Parade, TCB was second to TT. So much for her endorsement.

My conclusion? The SDP is the kingmaker of the Opposition. Remember how the Communists destroyed David Marshall and the WP in the early 60s? They told their supporters not to vote for the WP.

It could happen again. The SDP could withdraw its support of the WP, and even field candidates to fight the WP if the WP doesn’t pay Danegeld to the SDP or move leftwards. But by doing either or both, it will lose its attractiveness to the sheep of Animal Farm. Not a sweet spot to be in, Mao.


  1. I would dearly love to see the SDP contest directly against the WP. A 3 way contest like that will have the votes falling 30+, 30+, 20+ and this might just be what it takes to get WP across the line.

    That will show them conclusively who the citizenry want, and confirm that SDP will once again remain at the political fringe where it wants to be.

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  3. It is WP who will take votes from both sides. Just look at how Tan Cheng Bock did in the PE taking votes from both sides.

    • He still lost didn’t he? The problem with relying on swing voters, is that yr base is never stable. Look at TKL. He tot the angry voters had to vote for him, so he igonred them for the swing voters. TJS made sure he got the angry vote (ISA, HRetc) to ensure he would not lose his deposit. He then swung towards the middle. Smart guy.

  4. I’m an Aljunied resident who voted for TJS. I guess I am an angry voter, but being angry is the “in” thing to do right? Angry Birds, Angry Voters?

    Personally, I am not convinced that TCB is genuinely independent of PAP, and I suspect a lot of people vote for him out of cowardice: they are not happy, but they dare not stray too far. Aljunied residents had already gone all out, so we have nothing to lose, and we are free to boldly choose the candidate we want.

    That said, I dont like SDP and TJS’s SDP link is the biggest minus point for me. Even an angry voter like me is not angry enough to want SDP to run the government.

  5. I’m one of TCB’s voters. Coward is right word.

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