F1: S’pore will not rush into contract decision: Iswaran

In Economy, Tourism on 26/09/2011 at 11:42 am

Mr Iswaran, junior trade minister said: “We have engaged independent consultants, because we want to make sure that going forward, we have a clear idea of what is the value proposition of the F1 for Singapore…from the tourism point of view, from an economic spin-off point of view and a social point of view.

‘My own sense is that we need to have some kind of closure on this, certainly before next year’s race. But I’m hoping we can find a mutually beneficial agreement sooner rather than later.”

This was only reported in ST Online. ST carried an article on its front page praising the economics and other aspects of the race. Headline read,  “Stunning S’pore race a big winner” .

  1. I am sure. “Careful consideration”.
    You will sell your country’s soul to the highest bidder.

  2. I’m sure our new President will be keen to know how F1 fits into his call for family-oriented bonding activities.


    I don’t know which one of you are smoking cannabis here. Another glowing positive reporting by the MSM. Where do you think is heading? Ms Tin Pei Ling’s hubby , the new MTI guy will let you know shortly. Hopefully is not a “I don’t what to say” response.

  4. Like I said, S’pore got tons of money to burn. PAP will pay consultants $100M to study F1. After 12 months the consultants will tell PAP — F1 good! Must continue! Expect plenty of behind the scenes lobbying by the casinos, the hoteliers, property tycoons, pub/club owners and social escort companies and Geylang representatives.

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