Shareholder democracy has its dark side

In Corporate governance on 27/09/2011 at 6:34 am

 The majority of investors do not always know best, as shown by dreadful, shareholder-approved deals like Time Warner’s merger with AOL, Daimler’s deal with Chrysler, and Royal Bank of Scotland’s bid for ABN Ambro.

Scared shareholders could prevent deals that may be good longer term for them e.g. the Prudential’s aborted attempt to buy AIA.

Meddling investors can also impede development.

No, this is not to be taken as an allegory why S’pore should remain one nation under the PAP. I’m still waiting for the MIW to offer me serious money to become a covert blogger for them.

  1. Wait long long old man. The PAP nowadays don’t hire old foggies. Unless you’re running for president. Even ministerial jobs are for those below 50 yrs old. As for low level position like PAP IB, they got plenty of younger and cheaper PRs and new citizens to pick & choose from. Most are paid fresh diploma wages. You can earn that amount just having your morning dump and reading the papers. Not worth it for you.

  2. A few bad apples does not prove anything.

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