Waz the pt of a footie club?

In Uncategorized on 03/10/2011 at 7:16 am

Arsenal shows the disconnect between a financially prudent footie club and its fans.

Fans rightly want trophies and the bragging rights that goes with winning trophies. They are not interested in Arsenal getting praises for its prudence. They want Arsenal winning against Spurs and the Reds, not getting thrashed.

Spend the money, forget the risks. True Leeds and Pool show the problems that can happen if trophies don’t come despite the spending. But MU, City and Chelsea show that being financially reckless can pay off.

  1. As a long suffering Arsenal fan, I am getting numbed by the disastrous start to the season. 15th?!?! God saves us all… as long as Wenger is still around, we will toe the fine line of financial prudence and challenging for … I don’t even know what we are challenging now.

    Speaking of finance, I have read in some Arsenal blogs that the club is underperforming in terms of stadium rights and other financial goodies overseas.

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