Two dead dolphins & RWS says this?

In Casinos on 04/10/2011 at 7:54 am

A RWS spokesperson noted that the dolphins under its care for the past three years are “doing well” a local freesheet reported.

Excuse me, a total of 27 friends of Flipper were detained in 2008, two died and RWS dares say the dolphins under its care are “doing well”? A fatality rate of 7.4% is not to be dismissed so lightly. Whatever the “Marxist conspirators” and their friends may whine about, none of the detainees died when imprisoned. If any detainee had died, there would be an enquiry. Here two out of 27 dolphins died, and RWS brazenly claims the dolphins are “doing well”.

No wonder the run of bad luck at RWS and Genting group continues.

Remember a few weeks ago, an Australian tourist was hurt on one of RWS’ rides. Before that there were problems with the air-conditioning at RWS, and before that there was an outbreak of food poisoning on one of Genting’s cruise ships.

Best avoid the shares of RWS and the group if you are superstitious. Pretty conclusive that a curse is in place.

  1. Aiyah, it’s just business PR spin lah. You can’t expect CEOs and companies to come out and say yeah, they made a bad decision and it’s a lousy situation, but what to do … it has already happened; cannot be helped, let’s move on. This is only reserved for immortals, not lesser mortals or even higher mortals.

    Even Shell was quicker than a hard-core cowboy gunslinger when dishing out Force Majeur on it’s contracts and customers last week, even before investigations have been done and also ignoring the fact that it happened on a bright sunny day with nary a hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake nor nuclear mushroom cloud in sight. Now preliminary investigations reveal that it happened during maintenance works to pump out leftover fuel. Human error??? Equipment failure??? Hmmm??

  2. What make you so sure that more won’t die in the open sea?

    • If dolphins in the wild has an avg fatality rate of 10%, what does it mean in this case for RWS? A job well done? Interesting point but r we missin the woods for the trees?


  3. This is Singapore for you…as long as the attraction can generate $$ both to the operators & some gg into the Goverment pocket…they don’t give a darn shit of the consequences be it to humans or even an animals.

    I never agreed to this Marine Park thing…the animals should let free roaming in the vast oceans.If only the dolphins could speak out…they most probably would be asking their captors would they like to be kept in captivity & entertained humans when the only rewards is to be fed sardines on a timely basis?

    • Don’t blame govmin leh. It asked if a reservation which complied with all the legal conventions was feasible. RWS said it could. It was their trump card in winning casino.

      Now RWS got to live with the consequences of being beaten up by us Friends of Flipper or losing its licence if it can’t deliver the reservation.

      No brainer for RWS.

      If govmin allows RWS a let-out, the losing bidders will sue.

  4. I agree with Riz. I don’t think Singapore government really cares that much about animal rights or welfare. Otherwise they won’t be agreeing to a night safari, or even approving the dolphin game. Animals are just a means to serve human wants and needs in this country. The government just give some lip service to shut the animal lovers up and continue in its ways. Besides, it’s not unreasonable that a couple of the animals will die. Like Lenoxs said, no telling that they won’t die outside in the wild too.

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