Who was the most effective campaigner in the 2011 PE?

In Political governance on 05/10/2011 at 8:34 pm

Table 1 below shows that the most effective campaigner dollar-wise is investnment adviser, Tan Jee Say. For each dollar he spent, he got 3.31 votes and he spent only 30 cents for each vote he got.

The most ineffective campaigner dollar-wise was ex-NTUC Income CEO, Tan Kin Lian. Taking into account his forfeited deposit of $48,000, for each dollar he spent he only got 0.88 of a vote, and he spent $1.14 for each vote he received.

As to the two Doctor Tans, Tan Cheng Bock’s numbers showed he was a lavish spender vis-a-vis the winner (and everyone else): see Table 2. He spent 42.7% of all monies spent (including TKL’s forfeited deposit) but only got 34.85% of all the valid votes cast. By contrast, Tony Tan spent 36.7% of all monies spent but got 35.2% of the valid votes cast. Table 2 below also shows how effective TJS spent his money. He spent only 11.85% of all monies spent but got 25.04% of all the valid votes cast.

 Table 1  Presidential Election Spending: $ per Vote & Vote per $ 

Name Votes $ Spent $ per Vote Votes per $
Tony Tan 745693 530070 0.67 1.48
Tan Cheng Bock 738311 585045 0.79 1.26
Tan Jee Say 538441 162337 0.31 3.27
Tan Kin Lian 104095 70812 0.68 1.47
    118912* 1.14 0.88

 *This figure includes the $48,000 that TKL forfeited.

 Table 2  Presidential Election Spending: Voting and Monies Spent %

Name % of Valid Votes % of All Monies Spent*
Tony Tan 35.04 36.7
Tan Cheng Bock 34.85 42.7
Tan Jee Say 25.04 11.85
Tan Kin Lian 4.91 8.68

 *This figure includes the $48,000 that TKL forfeited.

Sources for both tables:

Voting data taken from Election Dept website with $ rounded up to nearest $.

“$ Spent” taken from MediaCorp’s freesheet.

  1. So TJS would have better showing had he spent more money on his campaign…

  2. […] Presidential Elections – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Who was the most effective campaigner in the 2011 PE? […]

  3. Like typical MIW, those free publicity and exposure on MSM given to TT prior to campaigning are “unaccounted” for. Would have been a very different outcome if there was such thing as free press.

  4. May I suggest that the votes per dollar spent is not a straight line function and should not be compared thus.

  5. How on earth did the Elections Dept. get these statics? You mean every canditate submits their expenditure to the E.D.? Who verifies the autenticity of such submission.
    Maybe TT spent 5 million $. Who knows!

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