Ironies of the reopening of revolutionary’s villa

In Wit on 09/10/2011 at 9:45 pm

Last Saturday, the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, reopened after a year of redevelopment, to widespread local media coverage. “The refurbished villa aims to re-create the ambience from a century ago, when the 20th century villa served as the home and headquarters of Dr Sun’s revolutionary activities in Southeast Asia,” according to a CNA report.

The reopening was a  major event. DPM Teo (who is also the Minister for Home Affairs) was there. Not surprising, as the villa belonged to his great-grandfather who allowed Dr Sun to use it. Ex-minister George Yeo was also presnt.

It is a Hard Truth that Dr Sun was no pacificist  revolutionary. Unlike Gandhi. he was prepared to use (and used) violence to overthrow the Manchus.

Now the government here takes a very hard-line against those that want to overthrow the existing order of things by way of violence or subversion. Why just a few days ago, on 29th September 2011, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) took a strong stance against the calls of detainees, detained under the Internal Security Act, for their cases to be reviewed by an independent  commission.

So for a minister responsible for security, and an ex-minister to grace an occasion honouring a dead revolutionary who advocated and used violence, looks like something from the satires of Jonathan Swift or Evelyn Waugh.

More ironical (and sad to boot), on the same day, there was an Internal Security Act forum that organised a video-link conference with two ex-ISD detainees who had fled S’pore and remained abroad.

Even more ironical (and sadder), the police on Sunday said it was investigating “the organisers of the forum on the Internal Security Act for arranging  for a fugitive from justice, Mr Francis Seow, and a foreign national, Ms Tang Fong Har, to participate in a discussion on domestic politics.” Dr Sun Yat Sen must be rolling in his grave. He too was a fugitive from justice.

The government and the PAP PR machines must be wishing that they won’t be so unlucky next time there is a showcase event to promote the government or the PAP.

  1. Mr Francis Seow is “a fugitive from justice.” Really? The all powerful SPF should then obtain an extradition order or sue him in the US court. The last I heard, he was a visiting fellow at Harvard LAW school. Who is lawless here? You decide.

  2. There is no or yes in lawless. LAWS ARE MAN MADE. So if you decides there is Law there is Law. If you decide there is No Law than it is LAWLESS

  3. One man’s revolutionary is another man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Just depends on which agenda you’re standing on.

    If I’m a powerful ruler of a country, I’d be daft to simply allow the dumb masses to undermine my authority and prestige, and to allow dumb assholes to simply vote me and mine out. Either you’re with me, or you’re against me, and that means you’re either a terrorist, or a subsersive, or a crackpot and troublemaker. And that’s why ISA is still relevant.

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  5. PAP is moral bankruptcy and degeneracy at its best.

  6. Indeed abc … and that is why ex-ISA detainees and many are working to repeal it. The opposite side of the coin works too!

  7. It’s a law of nature. Extremism must be balanced by having an opposite and equal response. Newton’s law too!

    Throughout human history it is a matter of time when any form of extreme behaviour would be challenged. Balance is important for the world to go round.

    • When you see trading done, not by consent but by compultion
      When you see in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produces nothing
      When you see that money is flowing who deal not in goods, but in favor
      When you see men got richer by graft and by pull than by work
      Your Laws don’t protect you against them but protect them against you
      When corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice
      You may not know that your society is DOOMED

      by Ayn Rand, Speech Money

      • I hope you realise that Rand would be very, very happy with the way the PAP are running S’pore. Her kind of society.

  8. If they are influential and powerful even your LAWs do not protect you but protect them against you.

  9. Atansi if Rand is happy of what is written so be it. No one decision can be the same, as long as you, me decides by ourselves what need to be done is the most important.

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