Don’t talk rubbish Mr Low

In Political governance on 11/10/2011 at 8:13 am

The Sec-Gen of the WP was reported to have said that the composition of Parliament is a reflection of the people’s expectations, a MSM freesheet reported. As more than two-thirds of the MPs are PAP MPs, and the PAP won 60% of the popular vote, this means that the WP admits (rightly) that the majority of voters prefer the PAP to the WP and other Opposition parties.

So how can he go on to say on behalf on these voters, “They expect the Government to be responsive and accountable. They expect a responsible Parliament in which policies and issues that affect them are seriously debated and rigorously scrutinised. They want clear and transparent explanations from the ministers at all times.”?

Hey Mr Low, 60% of the voters voted for the PAP. If they wanted these things, they wouldn’t have voted for the PAP. They would have voted WP or other Opposition parties.

He can logically and, at best, claim to speak of the expectations of the 40% of S’poreans (self included) who voted for the Opposition. 

I hope the other WP MPs and NCMPs do better when they speak, and that Low ups his game. Otherwise like 1991, 2011 may prove another false dawn. And we have to wait until 2031 to try again.

  1. Voting for PAP and voter expectation are not the same thing. Someone might have voted for PAP because the opposition was not up to par. But why shouldn’t he expect a responsive, accountable, and responsible Parliament? Why must he agree to everything PAP (transport, healthcare, welfare, retirement, housing)?

  2. Low is correct. WP campaigned on e
    slogan of having a First World parliament and won e Aljunied GRC.

    • You cannot be serious.Equating the 50sumething who voted for WP in Aljunied to the 60% of all S’porean voters who voted for the PAP.

      • You are using the 60% to justify EVERY PAP policies. Even Obama supporters don’t agree with all his policies, such as bank bailout or health care.

      • Hello if Low and Friends can use the point that the majority that WP got in Aljunied and Hougang can justify Low speaking on behalf of all the voters of S’pore, waz wrong in arguing that 60% of S’poreans support all the PAP policies?

        The latter is more defensible rationally.

      • You need a poll here. IMHO, the poll will agree with Mr Low – responsive, accountable, and responsible. I don’t agree that 60% of all Singaporean voters don’t care In fact, some might have voted for PAP for being “responsive, accountable, and responsible” – LOL.

      • Then do the poll. Stop wanking abt what the PAP are thinking abt via this blog )))

  3. A person can be both a PAP supporter and someone who demands everything that Low said. Why must it be an either or case?

    • Thaz not the issue. My point is that Loh presumes to speak on behalf of all S’poreans.

      Juz win one GLC and he thinks he GOD is it?

      • Well well, if that’s what you mean, then there is nothing much to argue because you are unhappy that he is representing you. But I guess every politician will try to speak on behalf of everyone. Even PAP MPs won’t think it fit to say that they only represent the 60.14% who voted for them right?

      • If it had been PAP making the presumption, netizens (self-included) would have beaten them up. Here there is a rush to defend Low when I pointed his presumption out.

  4. There is nothing wrong with what Mr Low says,the results in 2011 and 2006 reflects the general views of people’s changing political needs and voices.

  5. The percentage of votes for the opposition parties went up. I think we can derive from this that Mr Low is right in saying that Singaporeans nowadays “expect a responsible Parliament in which policies and issues that affect them are seriously debated and rigorously scrutinised. They want clear and transparent explanations from the ministers at all times.”

    “Cynics know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

    • You right there. But he was too arrogant. He shld have said “The election results show that more and more S’poreans …”

      I would accept that. But he was too arrogant to speak the truth.

  6. ooi – prices are still rising. cars went up. housing went up. dark clouds ahead …
    tough times coming to hit us. nowadays, a bowl of noodles in food court can costy $5.50.
    This is getting very expensive. need to curb the rise. wnt be long we all have to pay $10 for

    not sure what Low can do with his eloquent teo chew. fix the pricing problem.

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