SIAS: Close it down

In Corporate governance on 14/10/2011 at 7:21 am

 Yesterday I read in BT that David Gerald, Mr SIAS, had found new blood to replace him. 

He should have considered closing it down, and then closed it down because if retail investors are not interested in helping themselves why should he and others waste their time helping them?

The retail investors deserve to be fleeced like sheep.

Think I am hard? “Most of the 70,000 SIAS members who had signed up so that SIAS would settle the Clob matter on their behalf have since abandoned the organisation, leaving SIAS with less than 100 active members now,” reports BT. .

  1. Recall the case of SIAS endorsing Spice I2I acquisition of Indonesian Affinity company. MediaRing investors have seen the stock performance before and after that. Gerald had a meeting with CEO Maneesh Tripathi of Spice before the shareholder meeting and maybe Gerald was naive. Gerald should have done more background checks on Maneesh Tripathi including alleged PhD from Preston University (reported by Straits Times as a degree mill). Maneesh Tripathi last job as CEO of Global Indian Foundation and Global Indian International School was also to be background checked. Now Mr Tripathi has become the Indonesia MD and can continue there safely. What about investors who take the statement of SIAS trusting it ? Whether I pay membership or not is a different matter. This is lose-lose for everybody because of information gaps.

  2. So sky china shares plunged. Another sg-listed china company busted, wonder if there’re local casualties. Anyway if SIAS has efficacy, someone like TKL would not have emerged.

    • Gd pt there.

      David Gerald shld have asked Tan Kin Lian to take charge of SIAS.
      TKL may have lost his deposit, but at least 4.9% of voters think enough of him to vote for him.

      He can be Mr 5%. ))))

  3. Big deal. When STI goes to 1000 in next 2 years, Sinkies will all cry father cry mother to PAP to bail them out.

  4. Sinkies cry father mother to bail them out…. Ok cry to who… to SGX ? Or to the person charming you and fleecing you ? Or to other sheep ? It is all a ridiculous situation.

    I tell you this. Uncle Trader is correct, sheep deserved to be fleeced.

    The basic reasons of the problem are because

    1. SGX not acting like a good ‘investigative media’. Because such media press talents are non existent in Singapore so SGX should do the job of media. The Ah Nehs know very well the media here is weak. So Indian companies want to list in S’pore for safe and easy money.(Not all corrupt but high potential)

    2. Association SIAS, no more than 100 non sheep members, bound to failed

    3. SIAS chief so easily ‘charmed’ by artists like ‘Dr’ Maneesh Tripathi smooth talking operators… bound to failed. Must replace with new blood, full time, very focus on the job, not charmed by charm operators

    In the case of Media Ring -> Spice i2i Spice Global Spice i2i Mobility … I tell you, how else can this happen without this 3 factors ?

    Can Sinkies cry to SGX ? Can SGX recover asset stripping of Media Ring by new citizen global indian Dr B K Modi with charm help from ‘Dr’ Maneesh Tripathi snake “charmer” of Global indian foundation (new name Global Schools Foundation?) Maneesh is a fake PhD holder (Preston University PhD is so called degree mill which you can check out on Google search for Maneesh Tripathi Preston PhD. He doesn’t call himself ‘Dr’ any more which is proof of the false claims). I was told that Dr B K Modi just in time saved ‘Dr’ Manees from the GIIS school before Private Education Bill kick in, before his Preston PhD affair coming to naming and shaming. I also heard from grape vines insiders how a lady journalist who runs a global indians magazine called ‘India SE’ for global indians in Singapore did not want to see Dr Manees PhD story out in the open. The ST story broken by Sandra Davie did not name Maneesh Tripathi at all. The Indian global school is also in the habit of suing whistleblowers and competitor schools but they cant sue me for this because they claimed the fake PhD title and not me, I am only reporting their claims. Shouldn’t SGX investigate all these fake PhDs and their fake media associaties and how they mess with market dis information to fleece sheeps ? If sheep cannot do it… Sheep will be fleeced again another time definitely.

  5. Si2i aka Spice i2i, just in case you are still invested, SIAS is again meeting them ’cause investor concerns. This time round what statement SIAS will release after ‘closed door meetings, that we don’t know yet ….?

    Past background

    Click to access TheEdgeSingapore11Jan10.pdf

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