Countries that FT scientists like

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Foreign Talents in the sciences have the US, China competing for them. And England, France, Germany and Finland are nicer places to live in.

Competition is stiff out there for talent

And S’poree keeps giving PRs to shop assistants and hawkers?

  1. Depends on what kind of FT you are. The westerners love it here – special ‘colonial’ treatment, housing allowance, excellent int’l schools, low tax and cheap domestic help. But ask them about PR and they’ll say never. Can’t blame them, what’s the benefit for them? Only 3rd world foreigners would take up S’pore PR/citizenship – and even then the really good ones would look to migrate to the west or return home at some time

  2. S’pore gives out PR like toilet paper. And 99% of foreigners treat it as such. For most foreigners, applying PR is merely a formality. Ang mohs love getting the PR, coz it allows them to buy bungalows and freehold penthouses. Just ask Rogers and Mobius. It also gives them access to almost all benefits that a citizen has and to be treated like citizens by PAP, on top of naturally being seen & treated as superior beings by the inferior yellows, browns, and blacks.

    • Another way to look at it is that PR status is rubbish here. Eg in OZ difficult to get PR but once get treated on par for welfare benefits etc as citizens.

      Here only reason why FTs value it is ’cause can buy HDB flat.

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