Cedric Foo: Talking rubbish again

In Political governance on 19/10/2011 at 6:25 am

Cedric Foo attacked Sylvia Lim when she made her happiness speech in parliament saying, “I think the Opposition could not have chosen a more dissimilar country [referring to Bhutan] to compare Singapore with. We are exposed to the sea, exposed to the onslaught of competition to the world. We were dealt a different deck of cards and a different hand together, and we want to find our own formula forward.”

Well, Singapore was a co-sponsor of the Bhutan initiated resolution at the UN General Assembly titled “Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development”. So Singapore does believe that it is relevant, otherwise why co-sponsor the resolution?

His comments means that Cedric Foo is saying that the government was wrong to support the resolution And that Singapore should have opposed the resolution or at least abstained from co-sponsoring it.

Or was it an “honest mistake” that he didn’t know that Singapore had co-sponsored the resolution. He must be a very busy man at NOL, a TLC. He was appointed Group Deputy President in April 2005 and, additionally, Chief Financial Officer from January 2007. And he has his MP duties at his SMC. Not so easy to get another MP to cover him, unlike in a GRC.

Or was he just attacking Sylvia Lim’s speech because it was made by an Opposition MP? Waz this about co-operating for the good of Singapore?

Another foo(lish) remark it seems, whatever the reason. He was the junior minister who said, “[T]he term ‘white horse’ was used to identify sons of influential persons to ensure such enlistees were not given preferential treatment. And their medical classification and vocation assignments are scrupulously fair.”

Hands up those who believe his “white horse statement”?

  1. Well, Sylvia Lim did mentioned in her speech that Singapore was a co-sponsor. He must be sleeping during her speech.

  2. For someone who already sell his soul to the PAP devil, I will not be surprised if he say that the police are following and monitoring Dr Chee and his sisters so as to protect them …

    It is this kind of twisted lies that can only come from PAP and no others , just like it is a nature of vampire to suck blood

  3. Cedric is a good man. Leave him be.

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