Three cheers for TR

In Media, Wit on 04/11/2011 at 6:44 am

Discriminatory practices have no place in S’pore: Tan Chuan-Jin.

When I first read this local MSM headline, I raised my tea-cup to toast Dr Joseph Ong and the other unnamed and unsung boys and gals of the Wayang Party, Temasek Review or Temasek Review Emeritus or whatever they decide to call themselves, next. 

Whatever their faults (and they are many), they were very aggressive in publicising the names and contact numbers of companies (local and MNCs), managers and employment agents discriminating against true blue S’poreans. I’m sure that the postings (and readers’ comments) helped “rational discourse”, and “reasoned and constructive debate” on this topic, forcing the government to admit that the problem exists, and is extensive. Mr. Tan said that employers’ mindsets must be changed to tackle the problem, implying that the problem exists, and is extensive. And, in the words of MediaCorp, that  Singaporeans remain at the core of the workforce is the objective of a revised set of guidelines by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices.

TRE is said to be planning a comeback by mid-November at the latest) and that the core team will identify themselves publicly (trying to copy TOC is it?).

Looking forward to the return of TRE: lies, misrepresentations, rants, astroturfing, and the occasional good analysis (think Grey Hippo) and accurate sliming.

  1. Can’t help but agree wholeheartedly with your post. For all its fault, TR is the Singapore’s version of wikileak. Out of ten articles, 8 could be malicious lies but the 2 … at the 2 will be priceless gems that will awaken the rest of the populace (or so I always hope)

  2. […] Temasek Review Donation Capers – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Three cheers for TR […]

  3. “Out of ten articles, 8 could be malicious lies but the 2 … at the 2 will be priceless gems that will awaken the rest of the populace (or so I always hope)”

    The same can be said of the stable of “credible” papers and media under SPH and Mediacock. Out of ten articles, 8 are half truths but the other 2 … the 2 will be buried at some corner where no one looks. LOL

  4. TR will be back one way or another… I’m of the view that there is a need to balance the news and views of our state-controlled MSM so that readers can be better informed. At the same time, like what Cynical Investor said above, it can help to force the Govt to admit and take note of the existence of problems in our society. Afterall, we all want a better Singapore for Singaporeans to live and work in.

    • If anybody should know should be you. Someone by name of Kobakbt been going round to the people behind the major blog sites trying to mend bridges and saying TR rising from the dead. Why not wait till Easter? Jesus rose on the third day after his crucification.

      • Not too sure who is this Kobakbt. I’m Kojakbt ( Can always email me there. Yes, am in touch with some people trying to revive TR. Stay tuned…

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