Even the birds and suicides flock to WP constituencies

In Media, Wit on 06/11/2011 at 3:36 pm

Yes I’m being insensitive but couldn’t help thinking the above when I read in today’s SunTimes that birds are flocking to Hougang creating problems for the residents, while another body was found in Bedok Reservoir, the sixth since the May GE, when the area voted for WP.

Wah, WP that popular leh? Even the birds and suicides support them?

Think again. The PAP  via the local MSM may want you to think that

— Hougang is fast becoming a slum (waste food and other rubbish are not being collected, attracting the birds) since Yaw became MP  because there are only a few competent people in the WP to manage a constituency and Yaw’s not one of them; and

— voters in Kaki Bukit are repenting of voting WP (as per LKY’s prediction earlier this year) by killing themselves.

  1. That is not funny.

    You might as well start the speculation that the unprecedented body dumps could be a wider conspiracy to make WP-managed precinct look really bad. When cases like that happens, I look at the SPF and ask them why and what’re they doing about it. Besides there have been more than 16+ body in total todate around the island..6 happens in BR.
    Is it crimes, suicides, gambling, stress? How many are still unresolved cases since reported.

    Who do you think should be assuring to the public?

  2. Whoever posted the comments on Hougang Precinct to make it looks bad, must be bias. Instead of suggestions to provide better options to improve the situation he is trying to fan up the matters. to create hate.
    Can I suggest he provide informations to the areas that need attention for service or just shutup and no fanning please. AFTER ALL YOU ARE ONE OF THE SON OF SINGAPORE AND WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE THE COUNTRY IN BAD SHAPE

    • This is not PAP site. No need for “constructive” suggestions or criticisms, or “balanced” comments.

      But neither is this anti-govmin site like TR.

  3. Maybe those are the PAP suicide bombers to create havoc in opposition wards. Maybe pay each one $1M to go die, just like Al Qaeda …… but minus the 10,000 virgins waiting in heaven.

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