SEA Games: Juz wondering

In Uncategorized on 17/11/2011 at 7:54 am

I read yesterday that a S’pore shooter complained that her concentration was spolit by a photographer taking shots too close to her comfort zone. Today I saw an ad by Canon featuring two amateur photographers and their SEA Games’ photos.

Couldn’t help wondering if one of these photographers caused problems for the shooter.

  1. Sinkie shooters too pampered. They should all be sent to Afghanistan to learn how to shoot under pressure. Ever wonder how come in the past all the best Olympic shooters came from behind the Iron Curtain, and all of them were special forces snipers? Learn to hit bullseye from 1000 metres immediately after running 20km with combat load, while a sadistic instructor is kicking you in the balls, and you haven’t eaten or slept for 3 days.

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