Not expecting perfection, minister

In Infrastructure on 22/11/2011 at 7:46 am

Responding to Mr Giam’s question on whether the authorities plan ahead of time, Mrs Teo said that “there is advance planning but projecting demand and ridership is tricky business and hard to get 100-per-cent right.”

Err minister, going by the transport ministry’s and LRT’s track record, no-one is expecting them to get things 100% right. They, after all, makes whoppers like underestimating the traffic on the newly opened Circle Line by 100%.  If analysts in the private sector makes such misjudgements, they’d be sacked immediately, not given another chance ofto goof up.

No, minister, we expect them to make simple correlations. For example if the population of S’pore grows by a factor of X, expect overcrowding by a factor of A in W years, if no new trains are ordered, or signaling improved, and plan accordingly.

All we want is some common sense.

Update on 22 November 9.45am. Corrected misspelling. Apologies.


  1. Not to forget that the LTA consistently under projected the number of cars and issued more COEs over a decade. My dog would have learnt to roll over long ago.

  2. Forcasting is not always 100% percent accurate, but if there is serious intention to look into the matter which is important. The problem is, if you will excuse my saying is just always NATO (no action talk only) just to sooth the public and try to make everyone happy. It may work during our time which was many many years ago, but not now. As far as that we are all well aware of, even promises made were not delivered, there were no intentions to carry out, after a certain period of time.
    Now if they think that they are not to expectations why not engaged in consultations with those with more experience and able people to solve almost all their problems and lessen the miseries of those in need of this travelling mode.
    This is not a matter of, to face saving or anything to be embarassed about, it is the true and bare facts, then better to let problems accumulate and all suffers.

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