In defence of SPH

In Uncategorized on 25/11/2011 at 8:36 am

So SPH is suing Yahoo!. Doesn’t surprise me. I had seen various pieces in Yahoo! over the past 12 months that looked close, very close to pieces that had appeared in ST or Today.

Two weeks ago (before I knew of the existence of an issue between SPH and Yahoo!), I was telling my friends about one piece from Yahoo! that was in my view very, very close to a Today piece. I was speculating openly why Yahoo! was doing this.

Well should be gd for SPH if it wins. Might relook at my decision not to own the shares despite the gd dividend. 
Coming back to Yahoo!. Reuters is always quoting from WSJ and FT (behind pay walls), but it has yet to be sued.

“Our editorial business model of acquired, commissioned and original content proven,” says Yahoo!. What does “acquired” mean? It surely can’t mean taking out a subscription to ST or any other SPH publication,  then cutting and pasteing stuff, and then slapping Yahoo!’s name onto the rejigged artcles? Even such a dysfunctional organisation like Yahoo! would realise that it is so easy to be caught out. SPH can ask the court for Yahoo!’s Words docs and trace changes to the originals. If an original document was an ST article … Balls-up time at Yahoo! again.

HEHEHE. Nothing new there. Think the bid by Microsoft, the problems with Jack Ma or the sacking of its CEO. Only Yahoo! could do these things.

  1. Do you feel that Yahoo’s articles isn’t neutral as it ought to be? It seems to be a big business with articles reeks of some anti-PAPism.

    • Nothing to do with tone of articles.

      I usually skim thru St and Today quickly in morning. There have been times when I later see shumething in Yahoo! that is very similar in tone and style to the MSM piece I had seen earlier.

      These things happen more than rarely, hence I suspect SPH got grotty. Suing enables it to gain access to Yahoo!’s working files.

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  3. Best outcome is for Yahoo S’pore to just up its stakes and run road. Continue copy, edit and paste from ST and TNP and LHWB and SM. Operate from some country with no extradition treaty or much any treaties with S’pore. Show SPH, PAP and Lau Lee what real FTs mean — ability to continue doing same shit from anywhere in the world. Kekeke.

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