EuroLand Trojan Horse in US financial system?

In Banks, Economy on 28/11/2011 at 6:00 am

Or how the Germans can force the US to bailout the Eurozone by allowing Deutsche Bank to  “fail”. Taunus Corp is the U.S.’s eighth-largest bank holding company. Taunus is the North American subsidiary of Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

Think I’m looney?. The Germans are already playing one big game of “chicken” with investors and the people of  PIIGS (Not that these investors and people deserve our sympathy.) Waz another bloodless variation of this game to the nation whose leaders in the 20th century started two world wars in the hope of global domination, or at least European domination.

And the IMF has in what appeared to be an attempt to help countries such as France and Spain stave off the crisis, the IMF said that member countries with a track record of implementing “sound policies” could access up to 10 times their contributions to the fund. It did not say which countries it meant but said it was establishing a flexible liquidity line which would act as “insurance against future shocks and as a short-term liquidity window to address the needs of crisis bystanders”.

  1. No worries. IMF already giving Italy 600B Euros. Giving and not lending coz Italy won’t be able to pay back, or at most can only pay back after 2111 when Euro has depreciated by 98%. Anyway even if worldwide banking system collapse tomorrow and 500 Quintillion dollars disappeared, the world will still continue. And Golden Age still ahead. Next secular bull starting in 2016.

    • I see you are still taking the “no worries” medicine. Maybe if you stopped taking these pills, you might be able to stop yr “sanity” pills? )))

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