The intolerance of those calling for tolerance

In Wit on 29/11/2011 at 8:33 am

Femininists mockingly call themselves “sluts” as a means of fighting “for the right to express our sexuality free from shame, hate and abuse” (a most worthy cause that even I cannot find fault with), but when TNP mocks them, they rant and rave.

If you mock yrselves, you are fair game for others..

What next gals? Only wimmin can comment critically on feminist issues? For others to criticise or mock, will be “insensitive” and “hurful to wimmin”? Ask for the sedition law to be amended so that articles like what TNP wrote can land the editors and journalists in jail?

You are right to demand for tolerance (” the right to express our sexuality free from shame, hate and abuse”), but why are you intolerant of the right of others to make fun of you?

  1. Actually, rather than ‘mocking’, if what was quoted on TOC is true, TNP is misrepresenting the event and cause. Not many people know what SlutWalk is about, and now some now walk around with the idea that it’s about mental rape and various un-truths. The press can’t be not responsible.

    You claim you understand why the cause is worthy. Then you should see the misrepresentation. Would you prefer if they sat back and do nothing about it in the name of tolerance? If they didn’t use a self-mocking name, would you then grant them the right to protest the bad reporting?

    If nothing else, I thank SlutWalk for helping to sieve out who are the critical thinkers.

    • “If they didn’t use a self-mocking name, would you then grant them the right to protest the bad reporting?”

      If they didn’t self-mock, I would not take issue if they were upset and complained that their cause was being misrepresnted.

  2. The press violated journalism professionalism by misrepresenting facts about a event with a good cause. You say “well, they chose a name like SlutWalk so what do you expect?”

    A man violated human rights and morals by raping a woman who didn’t consent. You say “well, she chose to wear slutty clothes so what do you expect?”

    The parallel is brilliant. Please think twice before you claim to understand their cause.

    • If the organisers choose to use the term “slut” ironically to jar people out of the way they usually think, the organisers are fair game to being mocked.

      And have no right to “bitch” abt the mocking.

      Humour,irony, wit can be very effective in promoting a cause or product. The problem is that very few people know how to use it.

      The social insights of great comic writers like PG Woodhouse, Evelyn Waugh are often dismissed was fluff because they use humour.

  3. I like how you try to dilute terrible reporting by switching back to ‘mocking’.

    Clearly the joke is on the people who dismiss insights as fluff simply because humour was involved. Saying people should leave humour out of insights so that simpler-minded people can catch the message is, again, analagous to saying women should cover themselves up so the man who are not human enough don’t assault them. You have excellent examples as always. Yes, so many people use “wit” wrongly.

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