PM should read this report

In Economy on 01/12/2011 at 6:17 am

PM should look this up given his recent call for more R&D spending by the private sector.  One lesson: home grown cos needed, not MNCs. UK is nowhere to be seen because like S’pore most of its manufacturing is done by MNCs HQed abroad.

  1. MNCs do spend alot of money on R&D, just not all of it in Singapore since we do not have the right sort of people even after the importation of foreigners. As my European visiting professor once observed to me, Asians don’t question enough and don’t explore much on their own. And even after they learn to do so, even the smartest ask for the sake of appearances and competing for the lecturer’s attention instead of genuine curiosity.

    We have all the answers but in reality, we know nothing.

    • I doubt you can say that abt the UK. My point is that the home country of MNC matters in R&D spending. Look at Korea in chart.It’s there because of its chaebols.

  2. We have all the answers but in reality, we know nothing. very true. Why because smart is enough, but these people always act smart, in fact they don’t know and pretend to know.
    Those up there will not and will never engage another who is better than he is, for many reasons but only one that I know off, because his position will threaten, so in order to maintain, he prefers to engage one who is no better than himself, and this goes on down the line. Secondly, feed backs which is not benificial or the truth will never be revealed to his superior, revealed only what the superior loves and like to hear, also because his own backside needs to be covered.
    Thirdly, those working under these executhives who is no better, will ball carry, and proposed all the craps and flawed ideas to be implented and that is where we are now, LL have to accept and follow even if don’t like it. Why spend so much on R&D if we are not exerting effort into finding out first whereby it is neccessary. I would suggest, if intention of money pouring to R&D priorty should be to given to more seriously urgent cases like the needy and the poor, if they do not have their basic needs why would they care about your R&D, also needed is the medical attentions, transportation problems, they ever increase CPF issues, the only improvement can be seen is the HOUSING PROGRAMME and is being appreciated by many.

  3. Hey don’t worry. We got hell lot of GLCs and TLCs filled with multi-million dollar smart asses. We will partner with Cheenah commies — they do the stealing, we do the innovating. Our GLCs and TLCs will be pumping out tons of quadrilateral, quintulateral, sextulateral patents out of our asses within 10 years. Golden Age just ahead. Enjoy the good times. kekeke…

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