Diagram to remember

In Financial competency, Investments on 07/12/2011 at 8:45 am

  1. Don’t worry, whether euphoria or depression, Orchard Rd will still be crowded, people in Raffles Place will still be having power lunches, Ion and boutiques will still have tons of shoppers, Les Amis will still be 6 months fully booked, MRT will still be jam-packed, A&E will still need to wait 3 hours unless you’re bleeding out with your intestines hanging outside your body. We are in Golden Age. Good times ahead.

    • I see you’ve run out of yr “no worrries” pills. Pls go to yr polyclinic and ask for more.

      Either that or yr dosage has to be increased.

  2. I think we r in desperation. Eurozone grasping at whatever solutions that is made out of straws. Asia zone in denial that growth is slowing…

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