Comfort Delgro: Give CEO and PR people credit

In Infrastructure, Wit on 08/12/2011 at 8:37 am

Amid all the rubbish and abuse thrown at them, let’s remember that the CEO and his PR team are not like those of SMRT. I hear the lady in charge of public communications, an ex-ST biz editor (must be a rare breed) is one smart lady who likes Victoria’s Secrets underwear.

Taxi users have not been told, “You have a choice. Don’t like our fare hikes, talk a walk, train or bus, or buy a car.”

Instead of complaining so much, if you use taxis and buses a lot,  think of buying Delgro shares to hedge against taxi and bus fare rises. Management in Delgro are smarter than the average SMRT managers.

Update at 10am 8th December 2011

Profit boost for ComfortDelGro unlikely: analysts. Fare hikes not likely to see immediate cab rental revision, they say.

  1. Hmm… now you need to buy utilities stock to hedge against hikes, REITs to hedge against property prices, transportation section against fare increases, healthcare against medical bills, and so on…. How about getting the government to do its job to rein in prices, especially against the monopolies (transport, utilities, housing that also spells as HDB)?

  2. Many companies will be affected by this due to overtime and non-office hours operations related transportation claims. Of course, many a penny pinching PR director may decide to cap claims, but they do it at the expense of morale.

    Singapore, the land of demoralizing others by tai-ji your problems outright to other people.

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