SMRT SVP is great believer in shareholder value?

In Infrastructure on 18/12/2011 at 2:03 pm

Juz wondering if anywhere in any other first world city transport system got someone so dedicated to shareholder interests  like senior vice-president for communications and services, Mr Goh Chee Kong, who said last Friday, “If you are stuck inside a train, never smash the windows or force the doors open. Stay calm and wait for help”.

But what if passengers are in great discomfort or suffocating to death in the dark because the back-up system that was supposed to activate emergency lights within the carriages and provide ventilation was not working? And passengers don’t know when help is arriving because the driver is not authorised to tell them, or he doesn’t know?

Still no smash windows to breath fresher air, Mr Goh?

The reasonable implication of what Mr Goh says is that SMRT (remember he is SVP) prefers S’poreans to suffer great discomfort or die rather than damage SMRT property.

Shareholders will be pleased that they have someone, like Mr Goh managing SMRT, who is so concerned about shareholder value that he would rather people die than damage SMRT property.

I’ll go buy some SMRT shares tomorrow. With managers like him, nothing for shareholders to worry about neh?

  1. From blogger SenangDiri “SMRT’s beleaguered chief executive, Saw Phaik Hwa, may not realise this but she has several high-ranking former SAF officers in her management team. These include SMRT’s senior vice-president for communications and services, Goh Chee Kong, who retired from SAF service with the rank of Colonel. As an Armour officer, NTMs would not be alien to COL Goh.”

    There you go.. a Colonel material. I’m sure he has impressive paper qualifications to boot too.

    And from Chan Chun Sing FB ” Setbacks will not define us as a country, community or people. Our responses to setbacks will. Our determination to overcome will conquer.
    We will overcome our setbacks – bounce back stronger and more united.
    We have never failed until we stopped trying.” He is free to hire Mdm Saw if he ever need someone to defend the future Lanfang Republic.

  2. Hmm? You mean so old up to now you don’t have SMRT or SBS shares?? Must buy all those companies where majority shareholder is Temasek or GIC lah. Sure win one. Won’t crash. Can always squeeze more blood from daft Sinkies to jack up bottom line. Shiok.

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