Importance of EU economies and banks to S’pore

In Economy on 19/12/2011 at 6:54 am

This table from BT shows how important the EU economies are to S’pore. (NODX- Non oil domestic exports)

Err here’s hoping SPH not upset with me. Remember SPH, it’s Christmas.

And why Asia needs European banks: they were big US$ lenders to Asian banks.

  1. NO WORRIES! Peoples’ Bank Of China will take up the slack and lend us trillions of RMB. The US$ is going down the shithole soon anyway. And besides, in 20 years time S’pore will be the newest SAR of China. For the first time in 60 years, our domestic economy will be booming as we support major China armed forces bases here. 2 Army corps (120,000 troops) of professional PLA soldiers, 10 squadrons of SU-25 fighter-bombers, and the “Nanyang” Fleet including 2 aircraft carriers and 20 nuclear submarines. And a few 10-megaton SS-20 missiles in case our neighbours KPKB. Golden Age ahead!! Either that or a red, orange, white, black mushroom clouds ahead. Either way no worries man.

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