SMRT: Waz int’l best practice benchmark?

In Infrastructure on 19/12/2011 at 6:11 am

When SMRT, its regulator, LTA, and the government were in denial about

— overcrowed trains; and

— security,

the CEO, Ms Saw Phaik Hwa , was allowed by all three to get away with remarks like, “Not as crowded as in Tokyo leh”*, and “Other places got security lapses too”* and “People can board the train, it is whether they choose to” despite the howls of upset commuters.

Well now that we have three serious disruptions (one “immensely serious” according to the transport minister) of service within the space of four days (And the second breakdown in three days on the North South Line. Whoever said, “Lightning never strikes twice on the same spot”?), shouldn’t S’poreans be told what are the international benchmarks of best practice when it comes to disruptions of service for a city the size of S’pore in the developed world? And what are the benchmarks in Hong Kong and Shanghai? And the frequency of breakdowns in HK and Shanghai? And what the train operators in other cities pay for maintenance, as a % of their pre-tax income.

True as this is S’pore (not Ms Saw’s beloved country, Malaysia**), we should aim to better these benchmarks. But, if we want to beat them, we should know what they are. After all, if the CEO can make comparisons with other cities when it comes to overcrowding and security, it is only fair that other comparisons be made.

Hopefully, the SMRT, LTA or the government can tell us what these are. If not, then what about the constructive, nation-building local media? If not then the netizens of the Wild, Wild West have to do their part, as usual.

Trumpets pls. I was right,  “Commuters have a choice. They can have more trains or less breakdowns. They can’t have both.” (See our MSM reports, “MRT trains to go slower, frequency reduced”.)


*Not her exact words.

**She loves M’sia so mich that despite living here since her school days (she is 58), she is still a PR.

Sorry she is 57 going to be 58 soon.

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  2. You see,not only I just cannot understand I can visualized that many are puzzle that why, why our Government’s Employment Agency NEED or MUST employ an off Singaporean instead of a Singaporean Who Are More Experience and Better Qualified then she is, to helm such a senior post, especially in this important service sector. CAN ANYONE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN. THIS IS REALLY QUESTIONABLE, UNLESS A VERY GOOD REASON CAN BE OFFERED FOR THIS LAUGHING MATTER. 真的笑死观众, 笑死全世界的人
    I would prefer she shutup then gave all the crap reasons like comparing with other countries on crowds, with one commuter or with hundred thousand commuters, BREAK DOWN IS A BREAK DOWN, NO EXCUSES, SHUT UP AND GET LOST.

  3. Looks like bad blood building between Lui and Saw. Saw not present at Lui’s press conference, although other senior SMRT execs were. Saw probably got reassurance from her good friend, that’s why now die-die no resignation although last Fri afternoon she was shaking and quivering and considering. Now up to public inquiry — whether they will say got systemic problem that goes all the way to the top? If so then she’ll have to say bye bye.

  4. In 2004, SIA pilot and union representative Ryan Goh Yew Hock (Singapore PR), who has lived here for 26 years, was accused by SM Lee of trying to instigate a union revolt against the government-controlled airline.

    Lee revealed that Goh had accepted permanent residence in Australia, bought a house in Perth, moved his family and car there – and sold his flat in Singapore. It implied he was preparing an escape route should things go wrong.

    He added that it was different for permanent residents such as Goh because they could “opt out”. ….

    Read full story here.

    7 year later, LKY believed PR has better spur than Singaporeans. You guys see how clueless and cunning this old man was.

  5. Anyone remember Rafeal Benetiz at Liverpool? Despite landing the European Cup, Rafa focused on the glamour of Europe and promptly forgot abt the core desire of Liverpool, ie, the domestic championship. Obviously wrong person for the job, but stubbornly staying on unless the organisation grants a mega payout to leave.

    Geez, sounds awfully familiar, eh?

  6. You mark my words here: the two immediate changes you can see will be these:-
    (i) MRT will remove all fire extinguishers from the trains
    (ii) MRT will post written warnings on its windows ”VANDALISM IS PUNISHED WITH MINIMUM 3 MTHS JAIL AND 3 STROKES OF THE CANE” . The LOR this Gaman is BEST at handing out is ”You hoot my popperty, I hoot your kar cherng”.

    You heard it from SmellyCheesepie first.

  7. “They can have more trains or less breakdowns. ”


    You were spot on. Now do commuters still have a choice whether they want to board?

  8. You fucking idiot. She is a Singaporean now. Stop blaming my country. You arrogant Singaporean retard.

    • No you are the stupid idiot. She says she is proud to be M’sian. That is why she wouldn’t convert. You can’t read is it?

      BTW foul language not allowed. Your posting was allowed to show how retarded M’sians are.

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