SMRT: Waz missing from board’s apology?

In Infrastructure on 22/12/2011 at 6:34 pm

The directors did not apologise for the racist remarks of a member of their PR team that “one of the reasons for SMRT’s unpreparedness to deal with the disruptions last week was … the bad command of English by SMRT’s Malay and Indian staff.”*

The original allegation was made by a PAP MP and he has not retracted this statement, even though he has apologised for his personal remarks on the quality of English spoken by Malays and Indians.

As neither SMRT nor the directors have denied that an employee made this comment to the PAP MP, and the MP has not withdrawn the allegation, the public has to assume that the MP is telling the truth.

They have not also apologised for or clarified or disassociated SMRT from the remarks made by SVP Goh Kong Chee, the head of communications, from which one can draw the reasonable inference that SMRT property must never ever be damaged to save lives even if the emergency systems do not work.

SMRT is dysfunctional from the board down.


Update on 23 December at 9.05am

BlogTV has come out to both deny that a PR person made a racist remark and at the same implied that the MP was hard of hearing. Either that or, a reasonable inference is that Seng Han Thong is a casual racist to this bones in missing the word “Chinese”.

“A comment was made by SMRT’s Senior Vice President for Communication and Services Goh Chee Kong in response to a question on how SMRT planned to improve its communication with passengers.” This was broadcast over the radio:

““What we’re mindful of is that our people, our staff at the stations and in the trains may not be making sufficient announcements and also good enough announcements. And that’s because our staff of different races, it could be Malay, Chinese, or Indians or any other race, they sometimes find it difficult to speak in English. However we’ve encouraged them to make the announcements and not to worry about that……………………”

— BlogTV Facebook

  1. I don’t care for apology. What people want to see is who exactly makes the decision on whether the CEO stays or go. She was quoted as saying (& indirectly inferring) that “a good CEO” will not quit but stay on to put things right. She claims to be a good CEO so wants to stay …but does the BOD feel the same way? So far, they have been pretty mum about it.

    If I remember correctly, one of the senior SPH writer/editor is also on the independent director on SMRT (or was it LTA)? Well, let’s see what they come up with. The whole nation is watching them, and like their “first-world-class-transport’ , they also have the “best corporate governance” award to live up to..

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