Immigration Dept: Come on, pull the other leg

In Political governance, Wit on 28/12/2011 at 3:43 am

Come on Koh Wee Sing Head, Public & Internal Communications, Corporate Communications Division, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, in the light of it being made a matter of public record that:

—  a 30-something sexy looking Chinese citizen working as a shop assistant being made a PR (She had come to prominence when she violently assaulted an SMRT officer for daring to ask her to pay her child’s fare);

— two PRC PRs who were hawkers;

— a Chinese dolly bird that was given PR status but then returned to China, and making fun of how easily she got her PR status; and

— one in three second-generation PRs do not serve NS, a reflection on their parents’ (first generation) attitudes towards S’pore,

how can you write with a straight face the following:

In assessing applications for citizenship, permanent residence (PR) or immigration facilities, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority adopts a holistic, calibrated approach, which includes interviewing the applicant and sponsor, where necessary.

Each PR application is evaluated on its own merits based on a set of criteria, including the individual’s economic contribution, qualifications, age, family profile and ability to integrate well into Singapore society.,-says-ICA

Yr idea of a holiday season joke?

  1. There is a simple logic here.

    If the government treats our PR status so cheaply and give it away freely, it will not have any value in the eyes of the foreigners.

  2. Cannot be joking about serious matter, right? Maybe sick lah. This illness called arrogance. What is the symptoms? Infected person believes his own t.c. b.s. and expects everyone else to do the same. Btw, his letter all in present tense. So he also admit passing mark not so high in the past, no?

  3. Policy for PRCs is to give PR after working in S’pore for 1 year (any kind of work & salary). If salary is >$2K, then PR will be given just after 3 months.

    For India indians, they should have salary >$2K and work in S’pore for at least 1 year, then will get PR.

    For other races, wait longer and salary should be >$5K (or maybe now $7K due to so-called “tightening”). Of course if income is >$15K/mth then usually will be like PRC — get your PR in 3 months.

    Companies addicted to cheap & young PRC workers love PAP policy, coz they can easily convert their PRC workers to PR after working 1 year, and these new PRs help the companies to increase their foreign worker quota since PRs are counted together with citizens.

    That’s why GDP keep increasing, and profits and taxes keep rolling into PAP govt coffers. Good times ahead and Golden Age soon to be upon us. No worries man.

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