In Praise of TR Emeritus

In Political governance on 29/12/2011 at 6:18 pm

There were  two  nice Christmas prezies this year, the return of the infamous Temasek Review in the form of TR Emeritus and this piece which implicitly supported the stand TOC took when TOC “exposed” PAP MP Han. In the old days, TR would explicitly rubbish TOC and Han.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, some bands of Comanches (“Lords of the South Plains”) traded with the Spanish, and later the Mexican and Texan lands adjacent to Comancheria, while other bands raided these territories, stealing horses, mules, cattle and maize, rather than exchange buffalo meat and hides for these items like the “good” Comanches. These bands complimented one another and gave the Comanches the upper hand over the Spanish, Mexicans and Texans, who didn’t know how to cope with the subtleties of the “savages”.

TR Emeritus’  and TOC’s strategies, tactics, aims, and means will necessarily differ but that’s no excuse for not being civilised, and supportive (wherever possible) to one another.  Both are moving broadly in the same direction (or climbing the same mountain?). Each sees the landscape differently, taz all.

Wishing TR Emeritus a fruitful new year. Keep on the tradition of hammering the Foreign Trash (who think they are Foreign Talents) and their supporters. Try to find out what happened to the Temasek JC tutor who hates S’poreans? But don’t get xenophobic. Sad to say the old TR often got carried away, and crossed this broad river too often.

And continue fishing out the PAPpies who do bad things (Whatever happened to the NTUC guy who had to stand down as a PAP candidate MP because of shumething in his background. Is he still a big shot in NTUC?). Get to work TRE, TOC has set a very, very standard recently. Even the old TR never achieved such a feat.

Happy hols all. No posting until 3 January 2012.  Drink or drive, don’t do both.

  1. Easy to deal with both good & bad comanches lah. PAP will just follow strategy of US in dealing with natives. Just kill them all, corral them into concentration camps and barren wastelands aka reservations, and enslave their descendants into endless cycles of dead-end poverty, implement legalised apartheid and just let them die out of disease and poverty. Problem solved. That’s why the Bushes are rulers in Texas and not comanche descendants. Golden Age coming soon, but only if you’re in the right camp.

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