TOC: More than meets the eye?

In Wit on 29/12/2011 at 9:24 am

Detractors of TOC’s coverage of HanGate (whose numbers include the local MSM, Cherian George (great ST connections) Shanmugam and New Nation’s Belmont Lay) must be doubly annoyed that the facts came out the way TOC’s initial headline said the facts would). They must think, “Lucky sods. Luck of the devil.” As a “futherest from the core team” member, I inclined to this view, remarking that in Milton’s Paradise Lost the devil stood for the freedom to choose.

Cherian, Shanmugam, Belmont and MSM, ever tot that team TOC has good intelligence sources? Not only was TOC given the tape, but shumeone told it that SMRT’s spokesperson never uttered the words (with racist undertones) that PAP MP Han attributed to SMRT. So, TOC did what TOC did, knowing that the headline was not wrong.

And to hide the fact that TOC has good intell sources and to protect its source, TOC played blur, allowing the facts to come out by themselves.

So Cherian, Shanmugam, Belmont, local MSM etc, don’t see TOC as “no ark”. TOC might have sources as gd as the Special Branch ever had in the days of fighting the Comminists. Remember that the treasurer of the Malayan Communist Party was a SB informant.

TOC could have such a mole in the establishment.  Hehehe

  1. In this day and age, there are no secrets. There will be many more Wikileak’s to come.

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