Sadly Uniquely S’porean

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You may have missed these Uniquely S’porean happenings because they happened during the hols between 23 december 2011 and 2 January 2012:

PUB bans, then unbans the “F” word

Initially PUB called time on the “F” word. It was now called “ponding” . Then PUB dropped the “P” word: “ponding”. It has resumed the use of the word “flooding” and “flash floods” and  as this report shows, at least for what happened at Liat Towers.

So despite a new CEO, PUB is even more dysfunctional than ever. Perhaps more so. As the CEO was previously in charge of coastal defence, Indonesian pirates must be annoyed they didn’t raid Sentosa Cove during his term of office. They would have got away with booty galore. And he would have blamed S’poreans that they were complacent, hence the attack. He blamed our complacency for the two 50-year floods in less than two months in 2010. Funny, he kinda quiet since the “ponding” at Orchard. PUB’s silly, belated reply: denies its own media release.

Elitist attitude condoned?

This JC student is upset because Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students have better facilities than “our brightest students, who will become Singapore’s future leaders” (I assume he includes himself) . Not surprise here given the sense of entitlement that JC students have and the high opinion they hold of themselves even at crappy JCs like Catholic, Temasek, Anderson, Tampines, Hwa Chong, National and Victoria. But no JC principal or MoE minister or official rebuked the boy. This I find astonishing given the results of the two elections in 2011. Government cannot multi-task? Focuing on SMRTgate and HanGate? Even WP NCMP ticked boy off lightly. Worse, TRE was nowhere in sight. Sigh. TRE should have named and shamed his parents and his JC. Boy has a bright future as Young PAPpie. He later said he didn’t mean to “attack” ITE students. Sounds like MP Han.

TV Star from Hell only gets 15 months probation

Many S’poreans were upset that FT “MediaCorp artiste” Quan Yifeng only got 15 months probation after she pleaded guilty to a charge of “mischief after she pulled out the taxi fare meter and spilling water onto the receipt printer of a taxi on June 26 after a dispute between her and a taxi driver. The damage amounted to S$70 … Two other charges – of kicking the right passenger door of the taxi and pushing and attempting to kick the 53-year-old driver – were also taken into consideration.”

This probation was despite her having form in being a dangerous and violent wacko. She was once fined for criminal violence:  getting into a fight with a bowling alley attendant.  And was fined for mischief : driving without a licence and causing an accident.

What was astounding was that despite this history of hurting others, the judge was influenced by a claim of depression more than 10 yrs ago, and that she was on anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and sleep medication when she turned violent. Medicine no work, so not her fault? So considerate leh to a wacko with a sense of entitlement? Look at her record of not caring if she hurt other people? No wonder she is a single parent. No, her hubby didn’t disppear, and his body never found. They are separated.

After her escape, she held a triumphalist media conference and blamed her troubles on everyone (including her beloved child, she claimed she was defending from cabbie. The child’s birth, more than 10 years ago, was the cause of her post natal depression) except  herself.

Her daughter didn’t do well in her Primary 6 exams. The principal and teachers must be worried that this mum from Hell will pay the school a visit?

Even if she doesn’t visit the school, she is likely to get her comeuppance soon. Given her record of being ready and willing to harm others and their property, she is likely to break the terms of her probation within the next 15 months. Then the judge will have no choice but to jail her and throw away the key.

Isn’t MediaCorp indulgent to keep her as an “artiste”. She is not exactly a role model for young S’poreans what with her record of hurting the “little people”. Or is MediaCorp indulgent because its CEO’s wife was once jailed (many yrs ago, when he was only a senior executive) for hurting her maid? Goh Chok Tong “the forgiver of mistakes” (remember ex- PAP MP and convicted criminal now facing three charges of cheating and Criminal Breach of Trust, Choo Wee Khiang, who GCT said we should forgive for his racist remarks) wrote a letter commending her to the sentencing judge. BTW, to be fair to MediaCorp, it fired this convicted maid abuser.

Sack Quan Yifeng. She can go back to Taiwan and hurt people there, if she got the guts. Taiwanese are no sheep. Let’s hope no-one dies because of the judge’s compassion towards her.

Making a mockery of NS

Can you blame 1 in 3 PRs for refusing to do NS? The performing arts elite have invited NS dodger Melvyn Tan for a concert performance. Shows that one can dodge NS , and still be in the in-crowd if one has the talent and the money. Even the constructive, nation building ST is on his side. Telling us to move on?

Sigh. This reminds me why I’m a quitter in residence. At least I did my NS 1973 — 1976. Melvyn, around my age, gave two fingers to S’pore, and now to the performing arts elite, he is a heloo. What is beyond me is why the performing arts elite want him back? To put the noses of ordinary S’poreans out of joint? Or because he charges nominal fees because the elite treats him as a heloo, not as the pariah he deserves to be treated as? And why does the government allow this elite to get away with this? Hey PM, the voters have spoken. One FT MP sneering NSers is enough.  Voters also don’t care for self-appointed elites too much.

He was back last year for a concert, but ST didn’t cover his return, so only the artistic elite knew he was back. This year, the elite is determined to make us S’poreans eat crow over him?

PM’s “give and take”

Err hope his NY message of “give and take” isn’t code for ministries and agencies to start upping their charges to take from us. Juz kinding.

Wishing the PM a gd year. May he will connect with us S’poreans in 2012 now that dad and Goh Chok Tong are no longer in the cabinet to remind him that they know better.

  1. I’m a former TJC-ian and was quite disappointed by the boy’s rant. Then it came to me that my expectations are too high. It requires quite a bit of varied life experience and self-introspection to come to realize many “hard truths” are just the delusions of an older generation.

    Like the sad reasoning in the Medieval Ages that the aristocracy were better than peasants [sounds familiar, right?] when it became readily apparent after the industrial revolution that they just had access to more resources.

    On an ironic note, I was commenting to friends that the Old Man must have had a minor stroke when the top students in the usual school leaving exams came from the Malay community. The hard truth of the industrial age schooling system is that children who come from certain family profiles [i.e. parents who have the resources to enable their children] will do well in it. It really has nothing to do with race or education level of their parents.

    So nowadays, I try to encourage people who had done worse in life earlier not to give up on themselves. Its not an easy thing when one has been told repeatedly he is useless [by their environment, primarily by their performance in academic tests] to believe that they are really lesser beings.

    As for National Service, it is like the idea of government service in Singapore – contorted and sabotaged by people who do not really buy into it. And while defence is important, as I see it in the modern age, the biggest long term threat to Singapore’s existence does not come from without – i.e. our neighbours Malaysia/Indonesia – but from within and from the elite. If the elite is not concerned with matters of the nation but just entrenching themselves and thinking that is good for the rest of us, then Singapore is already doomed.

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  3. re the pianist who dint do NS: i must say the mood has changed quite dramatically on this. years ago, the govt was severely criticised for refusing to allow this prodigious talent back into town, for being unforgiving. i believe his folks paid the fines for what he dint do.

    it’s a sad fact tt artists and athletes miss out on building on their talent, becos they spend crucial years doing NS. it is huge pity that these pple dun have the leeway to postpone their NS, or serve it in a way that would help them improve on what they have, like tony tan’s son was able, tho he dint have any talent to speak of.

    to follow rules v strictly is well and good, but there must be room for exceptions. (tho i will be the first to agree, the exceptions we have been encountering seem to be linked to PAP followers/people in power rther than proper exceptions.) in fact the most creative pple tend to break rules rather than follow them. isn’t our determination to abide completely by rules one reason for the lack of creativity and new solutions in spore?

    far better to enjoy the pianist than to growl at and browbeat him. here is one instant, we should truly be moving on. after all, we’ve moved on on a lot of rubbish which we should have been stamping our feet over.

    i agree with detached observer’s view that spore’s biggest threat is from within. the so-called elite’s sense of entitlement these days leaves one open-mouthed with disgust. i’m sick of being glared at by idiot drivers of mercedes, lexuses, audis and bmws for not giving way to them on the road though it is i who have right of way. and the rudeness n arrogance in other places/situations is astonishing. the boy who wrote about ITE kids not deserving good facilities is a case in point. i found his apology full of cringing falsehoods actually. but he has a lot more time to be whacked into shape and learn some humility.

    this govt’s insistence on encouraging reverence of riches and high grades is doing us in big time. the horror of it is that we r just feeling the impact of years of this ridiculous mindset. the full brunt of it is yet to come.

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