Three Cheers for VivianB, Pls Go Yaacob

In Infrastructure, Political governance on 04/01/2012 at 5:31 am

No, I’ve not gone wacko like Quan Yifeng on the three occasions she was found guilty of mischief (twice) or criminal violence (one). (Err wonder if the tea or teas she was promoting had the effect of lowering or raising her wacko EQ?).  But despite all my previous rants abt VivianB, I think he deserves credit for acknowledging that there is a problem with the flood control system along Orchard Road. I mean the new CEO of PUB was in late December still in denial over the matter (S’poreans were complacent according to him, imitating SMRT’s CEO), witness the “ponding” media release.

This was shumething Yaacob refused to acknowledge even daring to claim that the flooding at Orchard Road was the fault of a 50-year flood. Yah great excuse. Two such floods in less than two months.

No but thaz not reason why he has to “move on”. As Arts minister, he is responsible for allowing one Melvyn the Dodger to perform at a venue that belongs to the state. The National Musuem website even had this

Dreaming Debussy : Melvyn Tan, Piano Solo

Venue Exhibition Gallery, Basement
Date Thurs 5 Jan & Fri 6 Jan 2012, 8pm.

Melvyn Tan opens the series …

DPM Teo rightly said years ago , Whether such NS defaulters, who have answered for their offences in Court and paid the penalty, should be eventually accepted back into our fold, is not something that MINDEF can determine. It is for society to decide. And society will also look at whether such individuals, apart from having paid a penalty, are sincerely contrite for having failed to serve our nation, and whether they have attempted to make amends.

(Note that DPM Teo admitted that the Dodger had gamed the system, Melvyn Tan’s case has highlighted an inadequacy in penalties for those who have defaulted for so many years that they are no longer able to discharge their National Service obligations in full. Perhaps MINDEF should have acted earlier. I concede that. But MINDEF will now be acting to address this inadequacy by asking the Prosecutor to press for jail sentences in serious cases of NS defaulters. This will help to send a clear signal that defaulting on National Service is not acceptable.

By allowing Melvyn the Dodger to perform in the National Museum (albeit the Basement), Yaacob is saying, on behalf of the cabinet, that dodging NS is acceptable. Will he and Mrs Yaacob grace one of these nights to show S’poreans that NS is for losers? And as a sign that his sons will give two fingers to their NS liabilities?

Yaacob kanna snookered? As I’ve written, Melvyn … gave two fingers to S’pore, and now to the performing arts elite, he is a heloo. What is beyond me is why the performing arts elite want him back? To put the noses of ordinary S’poreans out of joint? Or because he charges nominal fees because the elite treats him as a heloo, not as the pariah he deserves to be treated as? And why does the government allow this elite to get away with this? Hey PM, the voters have spoken. One FT MP sneering NSers is enough.  Voters also don’t care for self-appointed elites too much.

He was back last year for a concert, but ST didn’t cover his return, so only the artistic elite knew he was back. This year, the elite is determined to make us S’poreans eat crow over him?

  1. Take it easy man. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either you accept real talents (not FTs) like him, who would otherwise not be the talent he is today had he served his NS, or forget about having local talents. A few years ago you had a world class music talent accepted by the Curtis Institute (which accepts only 4-6 kids a year). Unfortunately he was prevented from attending because of NS. You should really question the NS policy so you don’t screw your own people.

    • He is a gd pianist, born here. That and he cocked a snook at the govmin (elite hates PAP)is why the cultural elite like him. He also charges special rates.

      I’m no Philistine. Any Bach CD pieces by the late Glen Gould available here, I buy it and listen over and over again.

      If NS is gd enough for LKY’s sons and grandsons, gd enough for anyone else.

      • If you want to have a future Singapore born Michael Phelps, Yo-Yo Ma, or Bill Gates, you can’t keep them out of their passion at their prime for 2 years. For people with exceptional talent, you must accommodate them. I have seen PR kids giving up Singapore citizenship to pursue their dreams instead of serving NS at age 18 (which was non-negotiable!)

      • How often does shumeone like them arise in a place where there are say 8m people? We had one LKY, Peter Lim and one Sim Mong Hoo, so our quota of brilliant people already used up for few generations.

        The Dodger is gd but there are easily a dozen like him in his speciality. He may not even even make the subs bench in First XI or XV, or even the finals of equivalent in Olympics event.

      • I can assure you that there are many bright young Singaporeans. Many children of Singaporean emigrants in western countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) do extremely well at the national level in arts and science. Perhaps their success has something to do with the environment (of their adopted countries) but that is another story.

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