Apple’s Third Founder

In Uncategorized on 26/01/2012 at 5:13 am

During this period, we traditionally wish one another, “Wealth, prospeity” and  nowadays add, “Good health”. Here’s shumething on a man who missed a fortune by being super KS.  Or maybe it is a lesson on why lawyers’ advice should be sought.

The documents reveal that Mr Wayne was paid $800 when he decided to hand back his 10% stake in the firm. He later received a further $1,500.

Mr Wayne played a crucial role in the firm’s creation, helping Mr Jobs convince his friend Mr Wozniak to leave Hewlett-Packard and set up the new company.

He was given a 10% stake in the company so he could act as a tie-breaker if the other two men had a disagreement.

However, Mr Wayne left the company after less than a fortnight because he was worried that if it failed his assets could be seized by Apple’s creditors.



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