State of the Opposition Update: My light-hearted analysis based on gossip heard

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This is the “news” I picked up over the last week while feasting and dicing. I have tried to indicate which are the more reliable stories, and which are the more rubbishy ones. As usually I add my very personal takes i.e. analysis.


Juz before the hols, I was told by a reliable source that Mrs Chiam had said that the coming party conference would be a “non event”. Some non event:

– two men that were expected to lead the SPP post Chiam said they were no longer interested in being on the central executive committee (Mrs Chiam was blamed for their lost of interest); then

– six central executive members (including the above two) resigned from the party juz before the conference with one saying “that one or two key CEC members are not willing (to accommodate) a complete change over for collective leadership and accountability, and that being the case, my presence in the party will not add credible value.”

For jet-setters (like one DYadav) and planet hoppers who were away, read here and here.

Desmond Lim (remember him) was one happy man this hols, people who know him tell me. Remember he had a bad 2011 initially, being slimed by Mrs Chiam as lacking the “X” factor to succeed Chiam and hence the trouble he was giving the Chiams, then losing his deposit in the May GE. Well with the failure of the party to retain Potong Pasir and to renew itself, and the unhappiness of long serving stalwarts and newbie ex-scholars all becoming public before the hols, he feels vindicated in opposing the Chiams in 2010 and 2011. I hope he gambled big time before the Year of Rabbit ended as his luck certainly did improve.


No need to say anything abt Yaw because he said “IF it is rumours …”, the other lady said, ““I hope you will not identify me or the other woman involved,”, his wife withdrew her Facebook comments about irresponsible journalism, WP’s Low Thia Kiang said: “You said yourself that these are rumours, why are you still asking me?”, and deputy treasurer of the WP, a Mr Png, said: “We have to think carefully about our response”.

They shld realise that their comments collectively give the game away. Why so stupid leh, WP Sec-Gen, members and Mrs Yaw?

All I will report is that WP high command and those who should be in the know are saying nothing in private to friendly, influential outsiders (including prominent bloggers: I’m neither a friend nor influential) or “lesser mortals” WP supporters. As they are also saying nothing in public, I conclude that the WP’s attitude is, “Your problem Yaw. You solve it”.

Problem for the WP is that the silence implies that there is a problem that Yaw has to resolve, whatever it is.

But if Yaw is the dad of a bastard (albeit a Dragon), the WP can’t escape collateral damage. He was possibly the most trusted lieutenant of Sec-Gen Low, and if he was as rampant a stag as alleged by TRE, it casts doubt on Low’s judgement. And if Low didn’t know that his Kim Jong-il look-a-like aide was as horny a stag as alleged, it shows the lack of his of intel on members.


The old guard can’t believe that the newbies are fighting among themselves and with the old guard.

Hazel Poa (Sec-Gen) and her hubbie Tony and other newbies are spitting mad at Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss (VP) who has the support of the people’s celebrity, Nicole Seah. Ms Chong is refusing (and has refused for over six months) to declare her personal wealth. (Reminder: she is hot-shot corporate and shipping lawyer, or so it is claimed. Detractors say it is a two partners and no slaves, legal assistants, firm).

All central executive members have to submit this declaration to the government in order to get the licence for NSP’s newsletter renewed.

Why she refuses to give this declaration or step down, and why Nicole Seah is supporting her is a matter of speculation. One mean spirited view is that she and Nicole realise that moving to NSP was a big mistake and they want to jump ship again. If they leave when Tan Jee Say sets up his party (the two gals got crush on him, it is alleged), there is a danger that they will be perceived as serial, air head rats: first KennethJ, then Goh Meng Seng. If NSP was in disarray, they could excuse their leaving by blaming the NSP mess.

The old guard kicked out one Goh Meng Seng for failing to deliver a breakthrough. He got his revenge. The newbies he brought in are fighting each other and the Malay Bureau (his creation) and the old guard. Want to destroy an organisation, give GMS an executive role: juz kidding.


Glad to read in ST confirmation of a story I heard: he is pursuing the shared resource centre for the Opposition that he was thinking about before the last general election.

As he is turning 58 soon, why is he working so hard? “Relax. Watching over yr daughters and making sure they hook rich China men and is hard work. Do it well, and can be richer than Peter Lim”.

But seeing that that Dynamic NSP Duo (Hazel and Tony) are helping him recruit people for the centre, does it mean that he is giving Jeannette Chong and Nicole Seah, the brush off? Scholars like the company of other scholars, not pretty air heads who are serial hoppers? Will hope to find out more in the next week of feasting, dicing and Black Jack. No, dicing is not Roulette, it’s Backgammon.


Michelle Lee is expected to leave SDP soon even if TJS doesn’t set up up a new party for her to join. She didn’t join other SDP members in CNY Chinatown walkabout. She joined the SPP, NSP, RP and TJS in their Ang Moh Kio walkabout which SDP officially declared it wouldn’t join (Danny, the teh tarik bear, doesn’t like competition from Nicole, the people’s princess? Hey Danny, you are cuddily and furry but not sexy enough for boys to fantasise having sex with), clashed with its long planned Chinatown walkabout.


KennethJ is rumoured to be looking for a job in financial services. No surprises there as he was a hedgie and hasn’t been working for a few years, dedicating his time and efforts to politics and keeping dad’s memory alive. What is surprising is that he is rumoured to be looking for a London-based job. Trying to make a graceful exit? Whither RP, which dad founded? RIP both RP and KennetJ’s political ambitions?

And finally, how can I forget Goh Meng Seng? He after all has many, many enemies saying nasty things about him. The least nasty is that he is desperately waiting for a phone call from Lina Chiam who has said SPP “will continue to seek new passionate and talented individuals with the right aptitude and who will pursue the opposition cause cohesively.” His enemies say he has told Lina that he is willing to be co-opted into SPP mgt committee. Err wonder if Lina thinks he has the X factors she is seeking? Somehow looking at his CV, I doubt she would. Anyway, SPP’s loss is TOC’s gain, or is it bane? If he joins SPP, he would have to resign from Team TOC. The Chinese section of TOC that he founded to large self-publicity seems kinda quiet.

Taz all folks. An update next week. One more week of feasting and gambling. Take care, drink or drive, not both.

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  2. The whole SPP saga not only makes Desmond Lim happy, it should bring some cheer to Chee Soon Juan and his SDP friends. This is the THIRD time Chiam fall out with his “team”, and looking back knowing what we know now, Chee looks a lot less evil, while Chiam is clearly hopeless as a leader.

    Some consolidation among the opposition is good. TJS is not there yet, but if he plays his cards right, he can still be the great uniter of the non-WP opposition. The GE2011 shows that there is only room for one more major opposition party, or a coalition, that can negotiate eye to eye with WP.

    And thanks to the mishandling of the Yaw saga, I am beginning to doubt Low Thia Khiang’s ability to judge characters. If the rumours are false, just quash it, before everybody accepts it as fact. Yaw is too unknown an entity to rely on the “We don’t comment on rumours” strategy.

    And what you didn’t mentioned is how Gerald Giam got pwned in parliament. From occasionally reading his blog, I already feel he doesnt think through a lot of issues hard enough. One wonders if Low made another mistake passing over Eric Tan for the NCMP post.

    Like the US election, Obama is so disappointing one fails to see how he can win re-election, then yet the Republicans will still trying their darndest to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    So it is with Singapore. No matter how PAP screws up, the opposition will find a way to ensure they are just as distasteful to vote for. Sad state of affairs. Only upside is that there is a few more years before the next election, and hopefully, new Nicole Seahs will emerge by then.

  3. I am surprised you are indirectly complimenting me here! 🙂

    But alas, no, I don’t think I can be good “puppet mastermind” who could be so good in planning the “new group fighting the Malay Bureau and old guards” in NSP. And no, sorry that I am not keen to get into SPP nor waiting for Lina Chiam’s phone call.

    The last rumor I heard is that people are saying I am going to form a party so to stand in Potong Pasir. Apparently there are people who are afraid and worried of me to be helping Uncle Chiam, so much so that they would go around spreading such silly rumor. 😉

    I am enjoying my life now. Don’t disturb!

    Goh Meng Seng

  4. BTW Adrian, Happy Chinese New Year to you!

    Goh Meng Seng

  5. How about gossip on the PAP?. It’s sad that everyone has something negative to comment about the opposition but have their balls in their mouth when it comes to the PAP. There were also known cases of men in white banging away like rabbits. Last I heard one is a Minister now, after remarrying.

    • It is a great post! Not you, @Super S.

      @Super S, you are really an ass. Hahahaha… just joking… NO, I’M NOT JOKING.

      Why does the writer need to elaborate on PAP when ignorant, obnoxious and unsatisfied people like you have dominated Yahoo?

      I’m curious on the “known cases” that you mentioned because you seem to have no proofs at all. If you studied law, you will understand that you are talking just plain bull crap.

      I dare you to say who it is as the writer had got balls to mention names. But I hope you will refrain from saying the names because you have no sources to claim those that you mentioned are facts.

      To put it clearer, if you really have balls, then come on, share the names, put the trusted source. I’m sure the men in white you mentioned will gladly entertain such unsupported allegations and sue you till you migrate.

      Oh, are you going to rebut saying this is what the government loves to do? Suing people?
      Think about it, who expose themselves to the lawsuit? Yourself?

      I guess you are also not a very smart user of the net and know nothing about media law and communications nor are you a good writer.

      A tip for you to takeaway and become a better writer so that you can make justifiable claims and also things that will not get your fingers burned, read and write more.

      Or perhaps if it takes too much time for you to complete a book, try Thesaurus. It helps.

      Good luck.

      As for soul-searching, I can’t help you.

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