Does the WP sincerely want a First-World Parly and Media?

In Political governance on 03/02/2012 at 6:32 am

That question struck me when I follow the reports on Yaw.

Imagine what would happen in the British parliament (“The Mother of Parliaments”), and presumably a model for the WP’s ideal of a “First World Parliament”, if Yaw was an MP there. When he next tries to speak, the other side’s MPs will be shouting “Angela”, or “How’s the Dragon bastard?”. And make cockerel, rutting stag or bull-like noises, or “horn” signs. I exaggerate not. Somehow I don’t think our Third-World PAP MPs will behave like rowdy English public school boys. (BTW, for “lesser mortals”, in the great English tradition of confusing foreigners, “public school” means “private school”.)

As to the media, any cursory look at the British media (again presumably an example of what the WP wants here) will show how the media treats any allegation of MPs misbehaving. No matter what S’poreans about the ST and the New Paper, they ain’t as vicious as the British tabloid media.

So, if the truth be told, I suspect the WP would like things to remain as they are, so long as Yaw remains a celebrity.

All in all the central executive committee WP should fall on their knees that they repent that ever wanted anything First World. I mean the party’s communication strategy isn’t exactly First World, more like the Chinese Communist party or the North Korean Communist Party:

— “if it is rumours …” (Yaw)*,

— “I hope you will not identify me or the other woman involved” (the other lady said),

— his wife, it seems, withdrew her Facebook comments about irresponsible journalism*,

— “You said yourself that these are rumours, why are you still asking me?” (WP’s Low Thia Khiang)*, and

— “We have to think carefully about our response” (deputy treasurer of the WP, a Mr Png)*.

Meanwhile, the PAP got rid of a candidate MP when there was nothing more than a whiff of a sexual scandal. It would seem that even if there is a photo of Yaw having sex with a goat, the WP will not do or say anything. Is it because, Yaw (pre the allegations) had a reputation as being Sec-Gen’s Low protégée, and most trusted lieutenant? Is there favouritism at work? Or is the WP afraid that “condemning” Yaw, casts a shadow on Low’s judgement, or, intelligence on party members, or both?

WP should put the interests of S’poreans above that of a Kim Jong-il look-a-like, who voted for the PAP, while campaigning for the WP.

If WP doesn’t, and Yaw turns out to be an adulterer and father of a Dragon bastard, S’poreans will punish the WP in Hougang and Aljunied, come the next GE. I’m sure PM will oblige the voters, by moving forward the general election.

Sorry WP, this strategy of saying nothing and treating S’poreans as stupid is not helping the WP. It is in fact harmful. Many S’poreans think of WP MPs and other activists as the Jedis fighting the Emperor. But by saying nothing and treating S’poreans as stupid, they resemble the Seth Lords (aka the PAP). How can you speak for S’poreans on the need for the government to be transparency and accountability, when the WP and Yaw hide behind “these are rumours”* (Sec-Gen Low), and “if it is rumours”*(MP Yaw)?

Yaw please for the sake of Singaporeans who support the Opposition and the WP, deny or confirm the allegations for the reasons stated here. and here.

And hey Mao and Pritam, do you want to remain in a party that is so Chinese Communist party or North Korean? Or is the money that important?


*Juz wondering if the Law Minister has been moonlighting after his pay cut or if MP Baey’s PR firm has been advising? (Update on 3 February 2012 at 7.40am)

  1. I am not surprised actually. The Worker’s Party has been the most recalcitrant in terms of interacting with the public at large. You have to remember despite all the slanted coverage from the mainstream media, it was from the alternative media which called WP the “Wayang Party”.

    So at the end of the day, you have a political party which is very cautious in dealing with the fourth estate, be it the PAP/SPH kind or the alternative media kind like TRE/TOC.

    Whether Yaw is honest or not or a victim of rumour mongering, I think we will all know sooner or later.

  2. This is nothing like France or Spain. The country is not going to fall apart because of one man’s indiscretion. Better get used to it. Let the media (TRE) does its job!

  3. I meant France or Italy.

  4. […] Privacy of our Politicians? – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Does the WP sincerely want a First-World Parly and Media? […]

  5. Singaporeans bought into the “First World Parliament” without knowing what it actually entails, and now they are learning it.

    I feel sad for Singapore as as individuals the players involved are doing real damage not just to WP but also the political development of the country by their reluctance to deal honestly with the media.

  6. It is already given he is as guilty as a goat. Unless he DARES deny it.

  7. i am afraid i’m already repenting over the fact that i voted for WP. this wayang party seems to be worse than pap when it comes to covering up their blunders.

    in 2016, i swear i will vote on local issues. if pap can offer some mega projects for aljunied that push up my home value, i’ll vote for pap. let other singaporeans choose their favourite opposition party, but i’ll be fooled no more!

  8. Give MP Yaw a break. If its truly a rumor, eventually a full stop will end it.

  9. how can it be a rumor when a goat is involved now?

  10. There were rumours about MP Foo Mee Har as well. I wonder why the mainstream media did not carry news on the internet rumours. Enlightened readers can think for themselves.

    • Simple. The rumours appeared in anon postings in places like TRE (Mark 1.

      If TRE (the real deal) had not come out with its story, MSM would remain silent. TRE now has a face and can be sued.

      Taz the difference.

      You implication of biased reporting can only hold true if there had been an article on blogshere abt the rumours of the lady.

      Besides the PAP has a gd reputation on sexual matters.

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