Rolls-Royce’s S’pore workers more productive than UK workers

In Economy, Political economy on 05/02/2012 at 5:21 am

Bang balls, SDP, NSP, KennethJ and TJS. Hey not all the govmin’s initiatives fail. Witness this new aero engine plant.  And S’pore-based workers can be more productive than British ones: by six days.

What the report does not tell us is that SIA’s (along with Qantas’ ) Airbus 380s use RR engines. RR only has a 9% share of the Western-made aircraft engine market share.  This again shows that there are benefits to Singapore in SIA being owned by the state. Bang yr balls harder SDP, NSP, KennethJ and TJS.

  1. That’s becoz for the same cost, RR can hire more workers here to slap together the engines faster. Maybe that’s why RR engines for Qantas and SIA A380 tend to explode and/or make strange noises. They should slow down a bit to put in more QA.

    Anyway PAP will still say Sinkies no drive and not hungry. So just relak lah.

  2. I’ve been to the RR facilities in Derby. They are very old and as the article also states, they are spread out over a vast area (its seriously big!). So the chance to setup a greenfield plant means they can optimize the infrastructure as they please. Its a stretch to say that the reduction in assembly time from 20 to 14 days is all (or even mostly) down to increased worker efficiency.
    One also has to consider that our business-friendly employment laws mean they can hire more cheap workers, plus make them work longer hours/more days.

  3. Have you considered the fact that most commercial airlines choose GE engines for a reason? The state owned SIA engine choice (perhaps to get RR jobs here) may prove the exact opposite point you made of state ownership. A commercial SIA will likely NOT choose RR engines for the same reason as the other major airlines. According to industrial sources, GE engines are far superior than RR engines.

  4. I think when KJ and the rest were talking about state owned enterprises, they were more concerned with the fact that in Singapore, it seemed the government has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for corporate interests. This was okay in the past when the tide was still rising. Now that it has gone out, it seems that all of our state enterprises were essentially not wearing very nice swimming trunks or are naked.

    Let’s face it, many of our “glorious” GLCs are nothing more than rent seekers operating on their de-facto market dominance.

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