Chiams: Please “go gentle into that good night”

In Political governance on 06/02/2012 at 5:11 am

(Or “Why the Chiams should sit down, shut up and fade away”)

Second nasty piece in a row abt opposition parties. No, I’ve not been seduced over to the Dark Side or being paid by the PAPpies to slime the Opposition, or gone wacko like QuanYifeng (I mean she seems to take pride in being violently wacko: she gave an interview in “8 Days” before the CNY hols justifying herself. Wonder when she will trash her daughter’s primary school and beat up the daughter’s teacher, given that the gal “did not do well” in the PSLE?).

But the WP’s and MP Yaw’s silence (my rant here) and now the Chiams talking nonsense have gotten my blood pressure to very dangerous levels. Even medicine doesn’t help bring it down. So to lower it, I got to to rant (my version of trashing stuff and beating up people, less violent, and safer for everyone. QuanYifeng might want to start blogging as therapy).

Before CNY, I wrote this of Chiam: Better to be alive and productive than to die and be remembered like a legend. Lions like Dr Chee and JBJ live too dangerously for “lesser mortals” like self. Be like Chiam**: Do the right thing in a low-key but determined way. The water buffalo can be just as dangerous to its enemies as the lion.  (***Taz not to say I agree with everything he does. Brickbats after the CNY hols.) I had planned to grumble that there was no renewal at the juz concluded party convention. I didn’t expect the resignations etc.

Now this got me very upset. In particular:

I am aggressively building up the next batch of potential leaders, consistent with the public statement the party made recently.

 — I believe in the merits of a consultative, collective leadership.

S’poreans may admire him, but we are not stupid. As this vv gd analysis  by Yawning Bread shows Chiam has a bad track record on these two “motherhood” statements. Juz reasserting these “motherhood” statements will not convince S’poreans. S’poreans are not “daft”. Actions are need.

Talking of “motherhood”, I tot it was extremely silly of Mrs Chiam to gush, “Alex … He is like a son to me”. I was planning to let readers read for themselves and decide whether Mrs Chiam is right to dote on him. But unfortunately, Alex Tan’s FB note is not available anymore. So readers have to read this instead.

The Chiams should realise that Mr Chiam’s “sell-by date” has expired. Pls leave the stage, so that Mr Chiam’s reputation is not damaged any further. Please.

Or if the Chiams want to hog the limelight, they should get some professional public relations and communications help on how to present Mr Chiam in a better light, or at least gild the wilting lily or rotting woodwork.

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