Focusing on failure to build resilience

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A top girls’ school In England is planning a “failure week” to teach pupils to embrace risk, build resilience and learn from their mistakes. The emphasis will be on the value of having a go, rather than playing it safe and perhaps achieving less.

Pupils at Wimbledon High School will be asked how they feel when they fail. The headmistress said she wanted to show “it is completely acceptable and completely normal not to succeed at times in life.”

This school achieves some of the highest exam scores – but from today they will be invited to focus on failure.

There will be workshops, assemblies, and activities for the girls, with parents and tutors joining in with tales of their own failures.

There will be YouTube clips of famous and successful people who have failed along the way and moved on.

The emphasis will be discussions on the merits of failure and on the negative side of trying too hard not to fail.

Something worth copying?

  1. There is no need to copy. You can just reduce the number of GLCs (where failures have little consequence) and increase the share of private enterprises in the economy (where failures are common.)

    Why preaches it in schools when the economy does not practice it?

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