DBS customers and investors: Be glad that hackers were only M’sian

In Banks on 08/02/2012 at 6:34 am

If I had an internet banking account with DBS, given its track record in IT , I would be afraid, very afraid. Read how smart hackers can be:

If you bank with HSBC, Citi, OCBC or UOB, relax. These banks have gd IT track records here, even though HSBC and Citi have a lot of FTs from India, more possibly than DBS. UOB and OCBC: true blue S’poreans in their IT departments (OK, more than in DBS).

If I had shares in DBS, I’d be afraid that another security problem could cause very serious damage to DBS’ reputation and pockets.

  1. Hackers can be very smart – true.

    But, base on what do you conclude that DBS has a less sucured IT department?

    Without stating facts, this is pure speculation.

  2. From what I see, OCBC’s internet banking services is an order of magnitude less secure compared to DBS, but somehow OCBC does not get targeted much. I guess it has to do with the simple fact that DBS is so much bigger and has a higher profile. I dont think UOB can claim to be safer either.

  3. Wow u very anti-DBS.

    Why the hate? As a poster before me mentioned, there is no solid basis upon which you say DBS is less secured than OCBC or UOB.

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