WP: Keeping quiet no longer an option

In Political governance on 16/02/2012 at 6:19 am

“Whiter than White”, taz how the WP and its groupies (including an SMU academic) would like to spin the sudden change in direction, from stonewalling silence ( “You said yourself that these are rumours, why are you still asking me?”: WP’s Low Thia Khiang) to expelling Yaw and crowing, “”The Workers’ Party has not let the people down. Whatever is wrong, we’ve put it right.” (the same Low).

Come on tell me another tall tale.

Ms Sylvia Lim said that the party leadership only learnt of the accusations against Mr Yaw when the media approached them for comments. But because they had “very limited information”, the party was not in a position to address the substance of the allegations.

But then why did the party not simply say then, “We recognise the fact that this may be his personal life, so what he does outside politics is something between him and his family. But he’s leading a team of activists who are expected to be examples, good models for our supporters, and other S’poreans. We think it’d be difficult for the team, supporters and other S’poreans to look up to him, if there are moral flaws in his character*. We are investigating the matter. Give us some time. We promise full and frank disclosure.”?

As someone who has voted WP all my life (I’m in my fifties and Siglap has always been contested by the WP)  but who was until the early 1990s pro PAP (I’ll explain it one of these days), Khaw is right to say, “The Workers’ Party needs to come clean with the people what information have they got about Mr Yaw and in particular, what did they know about him prior to the May election. And if they know, why did they field Mr Yaw. I think it is sad that the voters have been misled by the Workers Party.”

And, “Is this an attempt at trying to conceal something they knew, first through silence, and then when they found it is not possible, then they get rid of the liability and blame everything on him?”

Let the last word go to WP MP PritamS (the guy who wants to go into coalition with the PAP), “With more individuals coming to the fore, we do not feel that keeping quiet was an option anymore.”

Taz the truth, damage control not trying to be “Whiter than white”.

*Yup I adapted this from PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan’s comments about a former school principal.

  1. I have a nagging suspicion that Yaw’s indiscretions are known within certain ranks in the WP, but the leadership chose to look at the “professional” aspects, just like any corporate entity, ie, as long as he brings in the sales, I don’t care whether he is a saint or sinner.

    I hazard to guess that WP themselves were overwhelmed by the online virulence, and could not react properly.

    But what is clear now is that the WP, like the PAP, is clear fodder for the online cowboys.

  2. I, for one, am quite satisfied with the outcome. What clarifications can WP make when Yaw does not even show up for private WP meetings? If the issue is just one extra woman in Yaw’s life, that’s regretable but still can be lived with if he comes clean fast. Bill Clinton didnt get impeached because he received a blowjob. He got impeached because he lied about about it. As long as Yaw can admit his mistake, everybody can move on.

    But just as well he is expelled, since he chose to do the worst possible thing and drag the whole WP into the mud with him. I doubt the Hougang seat is at risk anyway, and it is not like voter sentiment has improved. In fact, this is likely going to be an embarassing referendum for PAP’s post GE2011 performance. Heck, maybe the Hougang MP should resign every year, just to shame the PAP with yet another by-election.

    As a person who calls the WP, PAP-lite, I have to say, I am quite impressed by WP. I dont know Yaw well, but he is clearly not a responsible person even if the only basis to judge him was his traffic accident after the elections. He could have murdered people while dozing off on the wheel, and he clearly did not care. Good riddance.

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