YawGate: Only Lau Wang Lin comes out with credit

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When I read this headline yesterday, “We hope you’re ok, Shin Leong”, I couldn’t help but think of his Mrs, Lau Wang Lin, to use her maiden name. No-one seems to care about her. How uncaring and sad.

Lau Wang Lin is the person S’poreans should be concerned about, not Yaw. She should be praised as a model of a good marriage partner.

The following came out of YawGate without any credit:

— Yaw’s stonewalling, evasion and his silence damaged himself, and the WP and the Opposition (slightly).

— WP showed that at heart, its leaders did not believe in communicating with the public, transparency, and accountability until in the words of WP MP PritamS “silence is no longer an option”*.  Or alternatively the  WP showed that it had no idea of how to communicate with the public. Or a mixture of both.

— The mainstream media showed its “gutter” and “constructive, nation-building” faces.

— NSP, KennethJ and Tan Jee Say, by refusing to rule out that they might contest Hougang, showed that they would say anything for a little publicity even though their comments showed their irrelevance and insignificance.

— KennethJ said, “By sacking Yaw, the WP leadership has denied the people of Hougang and the wider Singapore public, the accountability and transparency they crave.” Bit rich coming from someone who hid from the public how badly RP was affected by defections, juz before the May 2011 general election. 

— The PM’s and Khaw’s comments showed that the PAP doesn’t know the best way of kicking an opponent when he is down. They should have pinned the “And these bunch of clowns want to co-drive?” label on the WP. (Yes, I have no problem with the PM and Khaw trying to savage the WP. It’s first-world politics to attack your opponent’s integrity.)

— Many netizens showed that they were too willing to forgive and excuse the WP once it had expelled Yaw.

— And Tan Kin Lian again showed why the voters were right not to support his presidential bid. 

Wang Lin is, it seems, standing by her husband. This despite the assumption by most S’poreans (self included) that his continuing silence and stonewalling on allegations that he “cheated” on her implies that he did “cheat” on her. Not that he is no longer in the WP, whatever now happens is now a private matter.

I hope Wang Lin’s husband appreciates her love, and bravery in standing by him, “her man”. I also hope that he returns her love, and if he has strayed in the past, he will stray no more. And I hope he never ever causes her to regret her decision to stand by him. He should be like the merchant: “Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”

Take care and all the best Lau Wang Lin . May God strike Mr Yaw  “with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown”, if he betrays your love and trust in him.

*Yup, I’m misquoting him but this is gist of what he said, “With more individuals coming to the fore, we do not feel that keeping quiet was an option anymore.”

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