The silence of the NSP

In Political governance on 23/03/2012 at 7:13 am

Even more farcical than GMS’s call for Nicole Seah to avenge the humiliation that he and NSP felt when the WP refused to acknowledge the NSP’s “chopping” of Moulmein-Kallang, and Nicole Seah’s response of, “Don’t drag me into yr pettiness, I’m a fan of Low”, is the reaction of the NSP’s central executive council (CEC).

When Hazel Poa, the sec-gen, was asked months ago if the NSP would contest Hougang, her reply was the CEC had yet to meet to discuss the matter. Since then nothing has issued from the NSP’s CEC. Even after GMS’s extra-ordinary outburst, there is only silence. BTW, he forgot that he is no longer the sec-gen or a member of the NSP? Or is he Gong Mad Soon?

The reason for the silence is that the NSP’s CEC is split on the issue. Hazel, her hubbie and other ex-RP friends, and the two lady friends of Tan Jee Say (Nicole and Jeannette) have no problem staying away from Hougang. But the third faction, the old guard, are like GMS. They want to hurt the WP even if it means the Opposition losing Hougang. To them getting their revenge is the most important thing. The problem is that this lot can’t find anyone willing to stand in Hougang. Who wants to lose his deposit? And bear the shame of doing the PAP’s work for free. I mean PAP MPs are paid $15,000 a month for their efforts.

Enter GMS? Tired of waiting for Mrs Chiam to call him to invite him to donate his blood to the SPP’s rejuvenation, GMS it seems is eyeing to go down in history as the man who lost Hougang.

Think again GMS.

  1. While I appreciate GMS’s personal sacrifice, if only for being an opposition politician in Singapore, he obviously has no political acumen to play the game of politics.

    Even an honest and minimally passable politician will need to know how to carefully calculate the profit and loss of every statement he or she makes. Blunt loose cannons shouldn’t waste their time.

    GMS is already history once he made the comment. The only worse thing left for him to do is to lose his deposit as an independent candidate in the by-election… and probably lose to the spoilt votes too. That will be some revenge.

    GMS still dont understand why he failed in GE2011, and why after so much effort attacking so many constituencies, they hardly generated the buzz that WP managed in a few focussed efforts. And why NSP in the public’s mind is still nothing more than Nicole Seah Party… and in fact, NSP has become a liability on Nicole Seah’s stardom.

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