PAP in Aljunied GRC: No room for young blood?

In Political governance on 28/03/2012 at 5:22 am

It seems that like the SPP, the PAP in Aljunied, only want to rejuvenate the PAP there with old blood. Mr Chiam’s idea of new blood, is Mrs Chiam. Likewwise the PAP’s idea of new blood in Aljunied is to bring in the chickens that even the slaughter-houses don’t want.

It was reported recently that defeated PAP MPs for Aljunied GRC Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and Mdm Cynthia Phua will step down as grassroots advisers to Aljunied “grassroots organisations” (read PAP organisations?) on 30 April. Now both these ladies are no “spring chickens”. If one wanted to be rude, they could be classified a “lau kua boos”.

So it was a surprise to read that their replacements are 71- year old Professor Brian Lee  and 62 year old Mrs Daisie Yip and, much older than the two defeated PAP MPs. Oh dear, are things so bad at the grassroots in Aljunied that the People’s Association can only find two extremely old chickens (too old for the slaughter-house) to replace the defeated PAP MPs who were no spring chickens themselves?

What does it say about the PAP/ PA machinery in Aljunied GRC? A home away from home for the geriatric wards of the old folks’ homes in JB that cater for S’poreans?

To win back Aljunied GRC, the PAP  brought back in its former party chairman Lim Boon Heng, another 60-something. He has been apparently recruiting PAP activists to join a task force to win Aljunied back from the WP.

Looks like he is having problems recruiting the young, and middle class.

Maybe he should be looking to recruit ex-WP stalwarts Eric Tan and Goh Meng Seng into team PAP? The one thing that Eric and GMS have is passion: they hate Low Thia Khiang whom they blame for fixing them. They are also a lot younger than himself, and the two replacements for the defeated PAP MPs. Eric’s in his late 50s, while GMS is a spring chicken: he is only in his 40s.

Eric and GMS joining the PAP must have Low worried? More likely he’d say,”Good riddance to impotent haters”. Revenge is a dish best served cold, Eric and GMS.

  1. You have it right. Why would any young talented person join PAP in this day and age? PAP is in decline and they are losing the mind share of young web savvy population. This must be LHL’s biggest challenge. I don’t see how he can solve this problem when the old man is still around.

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  3. Why such geriatic ageism in your posting? Or you are taking a dig at the octogenerian who refuses to let go?

    For someone in his 50s and having a thing about PYTs such as TPL, this is as close to the PM looking for his replacement, now in his/her 30s, to take over when he becomes an octogenerian himself.

    Age should not be an issue. It is hypocrites that uses age as an issue for their own political reasons that makes ageism a reality here.

  4. With the Emperor-style hierachy in place (eg: SM, MM, Emeritus labels etc), it seems that we cannot get rid of the VERY OLD.
    Let me say again, it is the VERY OLD.
    They are usually above the legal retirement age (what is it now? 70?).
    They should be letting go, and enjoying whatever they have in CPF or private pension funds or savings, etc.
    Instead they want to gey po gey po, and still want to parade their “age-old” experience etc.
    There is no chance for young blood (say those below 50s) and they also have relevant and current experiences. GenX.

    So if the old don’t go, the young will be forever young and babysat.

    PS: I advocate respect for seniority but (old) enough is (old) enough.

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