FAS: Learn from Chelsea

In Footie on 29/03/2012 at 8:52 am

FAS is trying hard to justify why our local footballers and coaches are no damned gd. Well they are not paying attention to what the Lions XII are doing. But then Sundram is not an ang moh from Serbia. He is juz yr ordinary S’porean. Worse he is a local Indian, not one of the Aryans. His team performs but as he isn’t an Ang-moh, not an FT Indian, so he must be lucky, FAS must be thinking.

Meanwhile, the rot continues.

Well look at Chelsea. It was really having a rotten season. Then the owner decided to sack the manager, and appointed his deputy to see through the season. Well the season has turned round and Chelsea beat Benefica away.

Chelsea fans and the owner can juz smell a European League final.

So maybe FAS, juz change the top guy. He has had years to prove himself.



  1. To do so would be an admission of an error in judgement of the board governing FAS.

    1. The person at the top is always right
    2. If reality does not agree with what the said person says, it’s because
    – we don’t have the right people for the job.
    – people are not working hard enough
    – act of God
    3. If in doubt, refer to Rule 1.

    Denial is the nation’s greatest enemy.

    It is interesting to note that Singapore’s bureaucracy models itself after the Chinese dynastic imperial system. Look where it led the Chinese.

  2. Admission of error means giving up control and is the fastest route to a downfall. If you want to found a dynasty, what better way than to promote meritocracy and then perpetuate the myth that your genes are superior, with progeny that are infallible?

  3. Just disband FAS and sack everybody. Then things will turn around and chance of Golden Age for local football again. When the going gets tough you need creative destruction. When shit hits the fan just say fuck it and go with total annihilation.

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