Internet: Chinese media sounds like Yacoob & friends

In Internet, Political governance on 10/04/2012 at 7:35 pm

Below are relevant extracts from a BBC Online article on how the Chinese state-controlled media analyse the “problems” the internet  pose to society’s stability.

The country’s push against internet rumours continued on Tuesday. Beijing Times says a guild of online media operators has appealed for “law-abiding operations” among internet firms.

A commentary in Shanghai Morning Post insists that the introduction of “real name” rules for online forums and micro-blogging sites is the “cure” to the problem*, citing similar examples from Western countries.

A second editorial in the Southern Metropolis Daily says it is a shared responsibility of the public and the government to boycott the spread of rumours, while a commentary in the People’s Daily claims in its headline that “tolerating rumours is not a quality of democracy”.

The Global Times’ bilingual editorial also take the chance to lash out at the power of the internet.

“The perception projected by internet opinions is quite far from the real situation. For example, online opinion holds that grassroots livelihoods are a mess in China,” says the editorial.

“In addition, it states that reform has come to a standstill and public anger has boiled over to the extent that China could descend into chaos any time.”

*Reminder: Tan Kin Lian, the People’s Voice, who lost his deposit in last year’s presedential candidate advocates similar rules here on posting on the internet.

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