PAP in Hougang: Young blood, old ideas

In Political governance on 12/04/2012 at 6:40 pm

(Or Why let’s go eat Teochew mui in Hougang”)

So, Desmond Choo is a “very good man”,  DPM Teo Chee Hean said. Err waz a DPM doing making a speech an opening ceremony of the temporary car park in Hougang. Surely he has more impt things to do?

I analysed shumetime back that in Aljunied, the PAP is focusing its renewal efforts on bringing in fighting fit and enthusiatic geriatrics to replace tired, worn-out younger leaders As to their ideas, we will have to wait to see if they got new ideas to win back Aljunied.

But the potents For Aljunied are no good based on waz happening in Hougang. In Hougang, despite having a team led by 30-something unionist Desmond Choo, the PAP are not trying anything new. Desmond Choo and his PAP PA activists are focusing on serving Teochew mui at two temples every sunday.

The regular attendees of these temples are older and less-educated Te0chew speakers. The younger voters don’t do temples. If anything going by the latest stats, they are likely to attend churches, like the one Yaw attended (More opportunities to meet sexual partners in churches, going by Yaw’s alleged affairs?) And I’m sure they prefer bland, tastless Western fast food to high quality Teochew mui.

What is even sillier for the PAP is that these older S’poreans have been the main-stay of Low’s support since 1991. Lest one forget, Hougang and the surrounding areas like Ponngol, Cheng San and Aljunied, were once staunch Barisan Socialist territory.

So the PAP is now reduced feeding the hand that has been biting it all these years?

Never mind, it ain’t the PAP’s money. It’s tax-payers money.  Remember the funding for the People’s Association comes from the taxes we pay. So us oldies from other parts of S’pore who want to eat good quality Teochew mui (this is PA/ PAP stuff after all) can catch a cab (ST reported a lady who took a cab to eat there: doesn’t fare cost more than the free porridge? But then S’poreans are suckers for “free” or “subsidised” stuff), or take public transport, or drive to Hougang.

With an enemy like Desmond Choo, Low can afford to relax. If need be, he can remind voters that Desmond’s uncle (someone who he has admitted to as inspiring him) was a PAP MP and convicted cheat who continues getting into trouble with the law: he is facing a corruption charge.

The only thing that can cause Low a problem is if Yaw comes out to say that Low knew of his sexual habits before anointing him as Low’s successor in Hougang. Remember Low has denied knowing anything about Yaw’s personal life, despite anointing him as a his suceesor after mentoring him for many a year. People who don’t like Low are saying that they have heard people claiming to know Low say that Low said he knew of Yaw’s staggish behaviour long before anointing him as his successor.

But so far, none of Low’s enemies have dared openly to accuse him of lying. Two of them, I know, are banging their balls in silent frustration, that they can’t bring him down. Only Yaw can do it.

Advantage Low and WP in Hougang.

Desmond Choo was thrashed badly by Yaw Shin Leung in the 2011 GE. Geeky looking stag head-butted a he-man looking eununch

And all indications are that he is limbering up to take on Low Thia Khiang’s nominee  in a rematch. And that he will be thrashed again even if the NSP or Tan Jee Say or KennethJ try to score points with the PAP by giving voters a wider choice of candidates. Indications are that the NSP Old Guard cannot find a candidate willing to lose his or her  deposit even if the Old Guard towkays pay for all the election expenses (including said deposit). Apparently even one Goh Meng Seng has passed up this opportunity for some cheap publicity (bit of a surprise there), even though he gallantly volunteered Nicole Seah for the task.

NSP Old Guard: don’t make fools of yrselves by taking on Low in Hougang, unless you can pay Yaw to rat on Low. Maybe you and Desmond Choo can make Yaw an offer he cannot refuse? And Tan Jee Say and KennethJ control yr personal obsessions for cheap publicity stunts. It ain’t worth the effort, shumething even GMS realises.

True, the WP has no God-given right to Hougang, but neither have any of you chaps. The WP deserves to fight the PAP unhindered because the WP and Low have been serving the people there since 1991.  Where were the NSP Old Guard, TJS and KennethJ then?

As this post is already too long by half, I’ll leave for another day (later rather than sooner) my tots on Tan Cheng Bok’s speculation that a possible strategy for PM Lee would be to call for a by-election in his Ang Mo Kio GRC together with Hougang single member constituency. “This will be very interesting as the politics of voting will change, especially if PM promises the people of Hougang that Hougang will be part of his Town Council.”

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  2. “So the PAP is now reduced feeding the hand that has been biting it all these years?”
    A hand that bites and is fed. Most amusing read of the day. Cheers!

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