S’pore’s average wage relative to other countries

In Economy, Hong Kong, Humour on 15/04/2012 at 9:23 am

S’pore’s average wage is juz behind Germany’s and juz ahead of Australia. HK is a long way below us. So Gordon Lee and David See (TOC contributors) stop talking BS when comparing S’pore to HK. Lots of things wrong with S’pore but there is a difference between facts and rubbish. (Funny that TOC use their stuff when TOC has contributors of the quality of Ghui and Uncle Leong.)

Funny also the our mainstream constructive, nation-building doesn’t report how well S’pore ranks globally. Cock-up or subversion by friends of Gordon and David in the newsrooms of our constructive, nation-building media? ISD should investigate.

  1. Please find comparable data on MEDIAN income to support your position. Can’t find it or won’t share it? Huh?

    • Obviously you and Xmen didn’t bother to read how the calculations were made. You juz ranted. Go read how the calculations were made.

    • You obviously didn’t bother to read the methodolgy.

      BTW, I not YR SERVANT. I post what I find interesting. If you think median is relevant give me a link and analyse.

  2. Xmen nailed it, mean income is heavily skewed to the upside considering the high GINI coefficient and Singapore being home to the greatest number of millionaire households in the world.

  3. Average monthly wage in Singapore in this report is around USD 2600 or SGD 3200.

    Which is around a fresh graduate’s salary plus minus a few years of experience.

    Not pulled up very high by the high GINI coefficient leh…

    Statisitcs – we read what we want to see; hence statistcis lie (and we lie to ourselves too)

    Take a vacation out of Singapore and we quickly know whether our wages are high or low (again depending on which country we visit).


    • Glad you are one of those who are not one of those rabid “PAP are always wrong” S’poreans. And that the only stats term you know is “median”. ))))))

  4. An average is pretty useless even if the study tries to “normalize” it by including wage earners only. Does Greece’s average wage mean anything when 22% of its people are out of work? The official 22% unemployment rate is actually the low-end number. The real number could be closer to 30%. Greece’s $2,300 average wage is not far from Singapore’s $2,610. But are you satisfied that Greece’s condition is quite good based on this report? Singapore workers, especially those earning below “minimum” wage, are not much better off than the Greece workers.

  5. Btw, tell your counterpart in Greece to blog about the great news on the average wage despite the dire situation in that country. Their politicians should campaign on it too. I suggest that you go read the fine print on not reading too much in these numbers.

  6. When Bill Gates visits s’pore and walks into a hawker centre to sample the famous char kuay teow, the average wage of everyone in the hawker centre becomes $500K per year.

    That’s why PAPies say unlike Taiwan, s’pore is able to jack-up wage levels becoz of open-door policy to foreigners. Hence we will continue to roll out red carpet and offer tax holidays to the right foreigners.

  7. Eh, that chart is based on Purchasing Power Parity… which probably means Singaporeans can afford more Big Macs than the Hongkies… on average… I think somebody is trying to be funny here… notice the humour tag.

    That said, you cant buy Big Macs with CPF, and adjusting for that, I think we are right down there, with Hong Kong.

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