Integrating FTs: It’s our problem now/ News management

In Political governance on 29/04/2012 at 10:01 am

As readers may have noticed (a friend already has) that I’m getting less critical of the governing PAP. I told him (a Quitter done gd overseas) that after Raymond Lim “resigned” shumething is being done abt public tpt, there is more help from the poor by “Kee Chui” Chan (unlike the grudging, belittling efforts of VivianB, his predecessor), something (other than denial) is being done in public housing and flood control, got rid of a policy that incentivised civil servants to “make money” from us, and at least the govmin is “talking the talk” in immigration. I’m not too fussed abt the attempts to control us bloggers. Now if shumeone like Shanmugam was put in charge, I’d be a bit more concerned. But Yaacob (the minister who presided over two once in 50-yrs floods in two months) is the guy in charge of taming the internet deluge.  Yes inflation is a problem but I’m sure Tharman will solve it.

Besides I’ve been brought up to recognise when a person corrects his mistakes, even if he refuses to acknowledge them. Well the governing PAP is correcting some of its mistakes, even if it refuses to acknowledge that it can goof.

But I’m very annoyed that  Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said according to a CNA report that“Singapore needs to remain open and to welcome diversity … Mr Teo said Singapore needs to pay extra attention to facilitating the new immigrants who are ready to sink roots here, so that they integrate into society more quickly … urged Singaporeans to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society.”

Hey minister and governing PAP, it’s yr problem. Fix it. S’poreans did not ask the government to liberalise immigration. It was govmin policy to liberalise immigration so as to force feed GDP growth with cheap labour and to compensate for the refusal of S’poreans to breed like rabbits. GDP growth has been gd, but the benefits did not accrue to retirees like me (OK I exaggerate, I’ve benefited from increasing listco and reits payouts, and gd, low-cost service from FTs) or ordinary S’poreans who faced stagnant wages but escalating property costs, ever-increasing public transport fares on ever more crowded, and dangerous buses and trains).

On a totally unrelated topic, the CNA report that contained the above has been re-edited re-written and expanded to almost focus on “Social media is a double-edged sword: DPM Teo” as the headline now reads. The previous headline had the word “open” in it. The only mention of immigration now is, “Another driving force – immigration. Mr Teo said Singapore needs to pay “extra attention” to new immigrants who are ready to sink their roots here. He urged Singaporeans to play their part in making new citizens feel more welcome.”

Wonder why the constructive, nation-building did this?

  1. At least 80,000 foreigners let in in 2011, most of them after the last vote was cast in GE. Another 100,000 foreigners will be let in in 2012. Times are good for my rental condos. PAPies know another 100,000 HDB and condos TOPing next 3 years. They will let in another 500,000 foreigners to support GDP and banks and developers. Golden Age happening now.

  2. Given Yaacob’s performance in the two once in 50-yrs floods in two months, I am not worried over what he can do to tame the internet deluge.

  3. Yaacob has a once-in-50-years chance to deregulate the mainstream media, and add this to his legacy. He doesn’t need a code of conduct to censor online. He just need a code of integrity to slay the sacred cow, and he can turn things around.

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