Why the rich live in exclusive areas like Sentosa Cove or Districts 9, 10

In Humour, Property on 01/05/2012 at 5:27 am

They want to make sure that they do not break God’s order Love Thy Neighbour

After all, being wealth shows that God favours them.


  1. Because it is cheap only 30 million only and those in clique can click together.

    • That’s cheap wat…if $1k can buy 2rm HDB, surely $5 or even $10k can buy a Cove too. Just remember, you’re no longer an average citizen when you have a car to drive in/out of that gated community. We lesser mortals won’t feel a thing about inflation…only they do! Even better hoax I’ve ever heard. Made my labor day sweet and sour leh.

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