LKY isn’t always wrong

In Humour on 06/05/2012 at 6:13 pm

Being bilingual ‘boosts brain power’ Learning a second language can boost brain power, scientists believe.

My serious and sad point is that netizens of cowboy towns instinctively think he is wrong, juz the opposite of the constructive, nation-building media who refuse to believe that he can ever be wrong, until he comes out to say he is wrong.

The truth is somewhere in between. Although he cannot be compared to Mao (juz as S’pore cannot be compared to China), what the Chinese Communist Party says of Mao can be applied to LKY: he got more things right than wrong.

  1. It’s not a matter that “he got more things right than wrong” (how would you prove that anyway?), it’s about how he went about implementing his policies (did people have a choice?) that had great impact on people’s life. No doubt many people benefited from (some of) his policies tremendously, but there were also a significant number that were disadvantaged (screwed, ruined) by his policies on bilingualism, population control, etc. Had he been democratic, rather than autocratic, he would have been a great leader. To the young generation today, he was more like a dictator.

  2. Well, a stopped clock is also correct two times a day.

    The problem isn’t with LKY himself. Its with the things he set in place, and he did nothing to stop the entrenchment of certain mindsets and practices. The latter is far more dangerous to Singapore than anything else.

    ‘Ware the blade of success. It cuts both ways.

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